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    Legend is...

    that the Telecaster was still in tune for the rest of the concert and the headstock didn't break.
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    Favorite country song - Got one?

    Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson are good listens. John Denver has several. I like a lot of the Alabama 80's country. Eagles 1970's Country Rock too.
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    Indio Tele (de) Construction

    Wow, definitely looks like a basswood knotty pine Telecaster if a translucent or natural finish were to be it's fate. I can see why they paint them. Headstock for a bird/beak reshape looks pretty good.
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    What amp would you keep?

    I'm keeping all of what I have. I don't have the time nor patience to flip something that were from the Island of Misfit Toys when I found them. They were really white flags of surrender. And since I fixed a few guitars to better than they were, they're actually pretty good guitars. The amps are...
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    Need Help Reversing the Irreversible

    Yep, the perfect excuse to buy another guitar (new or preowned). Leave that one alone or sell it to fund a fixed bridge Telecaster.
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    DC Jr but two pickups

    What did the measurements for the spacing between the neck & bridge P90's end up being. The neck P90 from the 22nd fret. Just curious as to how it compares with the $ 129.99 GC Epiphone LP Special I P90 I ended up with. A1 => A2, centerline of 22nd fret to the intonated Saddles for the 3rd &...
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    Sad day in baseball

    Tatum ankle injury early in the 1st quarter on the 1st possession was his excuse for a 14 point game. He wasn't Mahomes tough enough to walk it off & have a bigger game. C's lost by 19, but he probably would've needed closer to 34+. Butler showed up finally with 28 points. Heat had 5 more 3...
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    Are you a steak purist? Or do you get fancy with it?

    Beef or any meat for that matter is a matter of the quality of cut or fillet (chicken or fish). Grades factor in for marbling & in a way are like tone woods for guitars. If I'm paying the going price for pampered Kobe beef, the beef better not need seasoning or a sauce. Rest asured Kobe beef is...
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    Ruminations on the P90s in my new build

    Using the Stew Mac calculator for fret spacing the 21st fret of a 22 fret as a 24.75 scale neck adds another .413 inches between the centerlines of the 21st & 22nd frets. That would have to be scaled dimension for a 21 fret neck as a 25.5 scale neck. I mean on both either a 24.75 vs 25.5, the...
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    Sad day in baseball

    27-15 is what the Phillies went in those 42 games, their roster is star packed & can outscore their opponents, often times in a huge single inning. Their pitching blows and this season, take Sunday's game vs the Braves, they allowed a 7 run 1st inning. Game was over before the Phillies knew it...
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    Sad day in baseball

    162 games, every team wins 60 & loses 60 games, the other 42 determine whether a team is great or not. It's whether a team wins or loses the 1 run games or not.
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    “Aging” a metallic body color with Starcast Amber

    PGM > LPB is my vote. No offense intended for the LPB, but I'm more of a Bianchi Celeste for blue or I prefer the darkest of blues in a midnight blue. Caribbean aquas & greens, even Pacific Island ocean water blues.
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    Did I Ever Tell You About The Time This Showed Up At Work?

    The 1939 Shure Unidyne microphone grill was inspired by the 1937 Oldsmobile Six.
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    25 cents for a cup of coffee, that's all I'll pay!

    Coffee, I go with Great Value K-cups at the Wal-Mart. 96 K-cups for $ 25. The K-cups are about 25 cents a pod, then there's the creamer & sugar, the water. Those ingredients probably get it closer to 40-50 cents a cup ?
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    Ruminations on the P90s in my new build

    The other thing I noticed about the Tele build of this thread that the measurements that I provided, The Epiphone LP Special P90 is a 22 fret neck, the Tele build has 21 frets. Not sure how that difference plays into the measurements for scaling an exact scale model for pickup location, it's...
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    Ruminations on the P90s in my new build

    I would think to get a Telecaster dual P90 & LP dual P90 to space exactly to scale and have the pickups capture the relative string vibrations for length, you'd have to have a LP with P90's & take the measurements relative to the LP's scale length of 24.75 & locations that would be from the...
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    T type guitar with 1 pickup to do it all

    I would think a TL with the P90 would sound very similar to the LP Jr. I'm just not that good to do it with a 1 pickup configured single cut slab of a body by ear. It's why I have the Special P90, all the parts are there for me to use. I almost would think the TL with a P90 or both would have to...
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    T type guitar with 1 pickup to do it all

    Gibson/Epiphone has a Junior and they thought a dog ear P90 in the bridge goes from Jazz clean to rock & roll distortion. I tend to agree with the clean to gritty P90 single coil(s), but more so for getting into a LP Special P90 for neck & bridge. The original Fender Telecaster with the single...
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    lighter strings : do they break more ?

    The 9 usually breaks sooner than any of the others, makes you feel like that a 9.5 or 10 for the High E, that would've lasted longer was better for a set of strings ? Even if it was just another few sessions ?
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    Which side of the pick do you use?

    Depends upon the shape, triangular picks, it doesn't seem to matter. Some are OCD and the labeling matters face up or down ? The triangle & it's like getting 3 picks for the price of one. Me, I can't seem to lose a guitar pick I haven't bonded with, but I still use the pick because throwing it...
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    I might have to lawsuit myself (apartment life)

    I'd like to see photos of the area. If it's anything like USA, there is an easement that's property that the city/town owns between the physical road & your actual property. Is this like a cluster of duplexes & single townhome dwelling properties ? Apartments on the USA are stacked living with...
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    Anyone Else Into Hardcore/Punk 1979-1989?

    Been listening to L7 recently, sound a lot like Joan Jett does punk & I like it. Also Green Day, since he uses P90's for LP Juniors. I just play the Special P90 I have in Bridge position. But heck, there's video evidence that BJ Armstrong gives away 2017 GC LP Special I P90's.
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    RIP Tina Turner

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    Cord Length

    From what I read 18'6" is the magic cord length where it starts to happen. Wireless is the way to go, but recharging the battery & it might be prudent to buy a 2nd wireless set as a backup or something to alternate while one is charging.