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  1. dinomike77

    Best bridge plate for noiseless pickups?

    I’ve been looking into noiseless pickups, particularly the Dimarzio Area T set. Many threads have stated that noiseless designs perform best in a non-magnetic bridge plate. What is the most cost effective, vintage form-factor bridge plate that plays well with noiseless type designs? Thank...
  2. dinomike77

    What is your favorite color tele? Show pics!!!!

    Fiesta Red for me, too!
  3. dinomike77

    Static noise from my tele.

    Make sure the foil says that its adhesive is also conductive and make the strips overlap a bit. Easy to find cheap on eBay.
  4. dinomike77

    Static noise from my tele.

    Get adhesive copper foil and cover the backside of the pickguard. Place a small tab connecting the top screw of the control plate to the nearest screw of the guard. That’ll tie the guard to ground and problem solved. No dryer sheets needed!
  5. dinomike77

    Pickups vs EQ Pedal

    I know a lot of folks recommend having as EQ pedal as a kind of Swiss Army knife for your rig, but I’ve recently found something different for that role. The Radian from Aion FX is awesome for shaping your guitar signal. It’s labeled a Germanium Boost, but it has three selectable ranges. I...
  6. dinomike77

    Fender's Justin Norvell Teases About New Tone Master Amp In The New Year

    A fundamental limitation of the Blackface TM models seems to be the way they handle drive pedals. The Blonde firmware/speaker choice attempts to correct this, but if you watch That Pedal Show’s shootout with a TMDR and a DRRI as well as the Anderton’s video on the TMPR, I think Fender would be...
  7. dinomike77

    Positive Grid Spark Go

    I bought the Mini and ended up returning it. I really wanted to like it and I STILL want to like it because what it does well is incredibly cool. My issue was that, when you stripped out the compression and ambient effects from the presets, the speakers buzzed noticeably at anything above...
  8. dinomike77

    1987 Fernandes TEJ-75

    I love how streamlined it looks. All killer, no filler.
  9. dinomike77

    Your "Beatles on Sullivan" moment

    I was 14 in 1991, so you can probably guess. Seeing the video and hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time had a profound effect on me. I can look back on it in context and with a bit of remove, but I can’t deny that it set a whole new set of values for me regarding music that had...
  10. dinomike77

    Recommendations for Trem and Reverb in a sub $150 pedal

    Used Mr. Black Deluxe Plus? One on Reverb for $165.
  11. dinomike77

    When's a Tele not a Tele.

    I’d say that if one uses “Tele” as a generic term to describe a particular tone or sound, they are referring to the hallmarks of the pickup configuration, particularly the bridge/bridge pickup assembly, and scale length. This could also include a single coil in the neck position in regards to...
  12. dinomike77

    NGD - J. Mascis Telecaster

    Looks great! Another big Dinosaur fan here (see my handle). I’ve always wondered his original. Some facts have come to light, such as the out-of-phase wiring was like that when he got it. Did he put the Strat switch tip on it? And the brass saddles are not ‘58 correct. I assume these...
  13. dinomike77

    NAD: Yes, I may have overpaid for 5 Watts

    I don’t know anything about Goodsell, but I bought a Gries 5 for $879 in 2017. Single-ended, Champ-based, 5-watt able to do blackface and tweed sounds and many points in between. I don’t think that’s a bad asking price for hand-wired, small-builder amp. And the Gries seems to be hard to come by...
  14. dinomike77

    Do you worry after someone plays it?

    I probably spend more time getting my guitars “dialed in” than actually practicing, so I’m actually kinda proud when I let someone play one. Plus, the guys I know sound better than I do! Of course, I’m always quick to point out that I own any sounds come out of MY guitar, so I win either way...
  15. dinomike77

    Do you buy single strings?

    I order from Just Strings and Strings by Mail, depending on who’s cheaper when I’m buying, factoring in string sets, singles, tax and shipping. They’re usually pretty close, but a penny saved…
  16. dinomike77

    Do you buy single strings?

    I use D’Addario 10-46 with a wound G string. I order them online, several sets at a time, once a year. I typically buy a few extra high-e strings and a few of those wound G strings. For the e strings, it’s for if they slip when installing in vintage style tuners, I rarely break them during use...
  17. dinomike77

    Joe Gore’s Fuzz Factory Review

    Wow! Thank you Fred! The date seems correct, but I wonder why the linked video below attributes the review to Mr. Gore and why he acknowledged writing it in my correspondence with him. Maybe incorrect attribution? It only matters in terms of the official story; I agree that Mr. Thompson also...
  18. dinomike77

    Joe Gore’s Fuzz Factory Review

    Seeing his settings is exactly why I wanted to read the article, but from what little info people are able to recollect, I don’t think we’ll get any specifics on his settings. It sounds like it was a short article that gave more overall impressions of a few different pedals.
  19. dinomike77

    Is this adjustment too extreme?

    One other thing to be aware of is your amp. I had an amp that was pushed high mids and went to an amp that pushed more bass and low-mids and I had to adjust my pickups accordingly. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your set up as long as the strings sound balanced and the pickup isn’t...
  20. dinomike77

    My second Tonemaster: The Princeton

    I respect your perspective and I certainly wouldn’t want option paralysis. Just seems like, if they’re gonna offer you the *option* to “clip” the bright cap and adjust the reverb taper and change the IRs, they could offer an *optional* firmware package that reflects mods that Fender themselves...
  21. dinomike77

    My second Tonemaster: The Princeton

    It would be cool if we could download the bias trem model to our TM of choice. I’ve suggested it before but some folks say I’m missing the point of the TM line. What I’d really like is what I’d call the “‘64 Custom Deluxe Reverb” firmware package: Reverb and Trem on both channels, Bias Vary...
  22. dinomike77

    My second Tonemaster: The Princeton

    Thanks for that. I totally don’t need one, but I would have spring for it over the PRRI and the TMDR back when I was shopping, a year and a half ago. I AM happy with my TMDR, but I really prefer bias-trem. If the TMPR’s is like the PRRI, I’ll just be happy with what I have and stick to the sine...
  23. dinomike77

    My second Tonemaster: The Princeton

    I’d bought and returned a PRRI before settling on my blonde TM Deluxe Reverb. Two of my issues with the PRRI were that the reverb transformer had a sympathetic buzz in certain notes and that the trem didn’t really come on till about 5 on the Intensity control. I read that this is due to the...
  24. dinomike77

    Poll: Which color American Original 60's do you prefer?

    I am a fan of Fiesta Red, but I think it looks good without binding. I voted LPB because I think the binding just makes the blue pop more.