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  1. LuckyJinx

    Using still press stand for pressing frets

    I have one of those things in post 1 (I got it to use as a pillar drill because I really don't have anywhere to put fixed tools). It's barely equal to the task of holding the drill upright and bringing it down in the expected place, you have to be carefull to not flex the whole thing using the...
  2. LuckyJinx

    Building your own guitar case?

    I've made one, mostly to show myself I could. I used upholstery foam covered in a furry fabric for the interior, covered the outside in orange pleather, some corner protectors, a long piano hinge, a handle, a couple of toggle catches to close it, it doesn't look too bad. A rectangular case is...
  3. LuckyJinx

    Moldy’s Brotherhood Build 2022 - Strat

    I'm a bit late to the "party", but given those pickguard options, I really like the balance of the black, it seems to complement the wood and works well with the dark streaks in the tail. I'd say the tortoise looks like it is trying to disappear but at the same time compete with the figure, not...
  4. LuckyJinx

    What's on your workbench today?

    Sure, but the way I was figuring, CNC time is money too. My assumption is if you have two equal CNC machines, one cutting a T and one an S starting at the same time, they take about the same time cutting the outline and neck pocket, the pickup and control routes should also take about the same...
  5. LuckyJinx

    What's on your workbench today?

    I never understood why budget strats are cheaper than teles in the same range. You see that everywhere, the cheapest electric you can buy is a strat. There's more routing, more hardware, more pickups, more electronics, more assembly... Surely the cheapest guitar to put together would be a tele...
  6. LuckyJinx

    Starting Les Paul Style guitar build.

    There was the Custom Lite in the 80s, and there's the Les Paul Less+ Standard Thinline from a few years ago, that I know of (not that I am a Gibbo expert or anything, I think I saw Trogly talking about the Less Paul at one point). The Lite seems to be about the same price as a normal Custom from...
  7. LuckyJinx

    The 2022 Brotherhood Build! 😁

    I'm still working on what was sort of (but not quite, because I had already made some sawdust when it started) last year's... Right now it's a body with no routes and a neck that has most of the fret slots cut and has not been shaped. But if I can get that one done before the end of this year's...
  8. LuckyJinx

    Show me your custom headstock logos

    I was watching a video of Rob Chapman explaining how he came up with the signature on the Chapman Guitars logo, and he said something along the lines of banks (and other entities that would really like to rely on your signature on things being unique) not liking it when your actual, real...
  9. LuckyJinx

    Show me your custom headstock logos

    I did something along these lines, but instead of mod podge I used clear packing tape. There's a video on youtube explaining the process, but you take your laser printed image (no need to mirror), burnish a piece of packing tape on it, then wash away the paper. When you're done you have your...
  10. LuckyJinx

    Unfinished Business....Stalled builds that need finishing.

    Oooh, boy. I have an LP shaped thing needing replacement tuners, a new string guide (0 fret), and a rewire (when I turn the switch to both pickups and start turning up the volume on the neck pickup, the output increases to about half way and then starts going down again). The frets are a bit...
  11. LuckyJinx

    1959 replica Les Paul build - my take with modern engineering

    Won't routing the angled stock mean you end up with a pocket that is perfectly flat at the expected depth, router plane style, instead of one with a bunch of tool marks you need to smooth out in a separate process? Also, you end up with the back of the pocket being square to the pocket floor...
  12. LuckyJinx

    One man's trash is another man's trashy Dolphin Nose bass

    This is a really cool build, thanks for sharing. Have you tried FretFind 2d? You enter the scale length and fret count (same as the SM tool) but you also enter the string spacing type, string widths at nut and bridge, overhang, and a few other...
  13. LuckyJinx

    High end wood supplier

    Not so much "recommendation" because I've never bought from them, but I've had a tab or two open on their site for ages now. There's a few that pop up when searching for "luthier wood suppliers", like:
  14. LuckyJinx


    Are the outer dimensions right? It could be routed for a shorter scale...
  15. LuckyJinx

    Lamination education...

    The mounting threads on a Dremel are 3/4x12 UN, but I understand there is enough slop that 3/4x12 BSF works just as well. Or even M19x2mm. I found this by buying an accessory that fits the normal thread, only to find my knockoff tool comes with a M19x1.5mm thread instead...
  16. LuckyJinx

    Scaling down - kiddy guitar

    I'm considering the layout on the body now. It's a single pickup, vol tone jack control setup. There's a couple of places I haven't quite sanded to the outline. PIckup straight across. I don't love the look, but it may make for more balanced output. You can barely make out a couple of lines for...
  17. LuckyJinx

    Scaling down - kiddy guitar

    So, before adding the new fretboard, I drilled for tuners: I could've lined them up better, but those drill holders aren't quite as steady as a proper pillar drill (and I still need the positioning screw holes, of course). It's also a bit crowded, but that is what you get with a 39mm nut and...
  18. LuckyJinx

    How to bind a Fender style headstock?

    Having never actually installed binding, what comes to mind is: - Make binding and acetone goop, put a dam around the binding channel, pour in the goop and let it set/offgas? - Otherwise, lots of kerfing and repair the cuts with acetone.
  19. LuckyJinx

    Thoughts on my new custom design guitar shape?

    Looks a bit like a Traveler Guitar Travelcaster: (I would swear I saw something like this on FB marketplace being sold as a Behringer guitar, but maybe I'm wrong).
  20. LuckyJinx

    What's on your workbench today?

    What I'm currently working on/debating with myself is a "Rotary Tool Cutting Guide" I bought to control the dremel-like Aldi tool I have, so I can do some inlays. There I was thinking "cool, it got here, I'll get to play with inlays a bit", go to thread them together and... I found that Walter...
  21. LuckyJinx

    What's on your workbench today?

    I've had the parts list for a Noisy Cricket sitting in a notebook for years, maybe I can take the project on now that I have a couple of pedal kit builds under my belt. And I have a "Goodmans of England" 12" 15Ohm(?) guitar speaker that I impulse bought off ebay sitting on top of a bookshelf...
  22. LuckyJinx

    Scaling down - kiddy guitar

    So I pulled the board off. I started by trying to get some vinegar in the gaps, and it does soften the glue, but I ended up deciding I didn't really want a pickled neck so I went looking for the clothes iron and a pallet knife. Took a bit of time, and the fretboard ended up pretty warped, but...
  23. LuckyJinx

    Scaling down - kiddy guitar

    I think I do want to take this first neck as far as at least screwing it to the body, for practice if nothing else. That probably argues for trying to pull the board off, that's got to be more useful to practice than cutting a long slot with a dremel and an abrasive disk. And if I do manage to...
  24. LuckyJinx

    Scaling down - kiddy guitar

    On another note: (This was not supposed to have the same image twice...) I cut out the neck outline on that pine board (I cut it at a slight angle to follow the grain, so none of the straight edges were any use) and routed out a truss rod slot. First time using a router, and it shows, but I...
  25. LuckyJinx

    Scaling down - kiddy guitar

    I found this tool, seems very useful: Assuming you can accurately print out the resulting map and glue it to the fretboard without deforming it (avoid water based glues, I guess), it gives you a nice guide for fret positioning. Also, a nut template.