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    Is anyone familiar with French Canadian Folk Music?

    I play some fiddle and know a few French Canadian tune sets and some Contradance, Irish/Scottish, some Bluegrass but this is my favorite YouTube clip of all time and songs. This makes my feet want to move. if it doesn’t open search YouTube for Buck Mountain and Levis Beaulieu fiddle/accordion
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    Play the first gig at a new club for less than your normal rate for the chance of future gigs?

    My friend’s 3 piece group got their first gig at a nice Chinese restaurant lounge in Seattle in the 90’s. The owner offered $50 a night. /$150 for 3 nights) plus “meal”. They thought why not?, we’ll just pratice and eat like kings. They played the 3 hours for 3 nights and each evening ordered...
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    Experience with Acoustisonic Telecaster?

    My friend ordered a left handed one from GC and was anticipating greatness but was very much disappointed and returned it within 3 days. I bought my telecaster because of the warm neck pickup and the acoustic type tones it can get but then can chicken pick or snarl away in a flash.
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    Can you play to a click

    A beat is a beat isn’t it?
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    Limited Edition Shell Pink 50’s Vintera

    Love the pink/ black contrast and the pink is deep and rich. A bassist I play with has a slighty roadworn “Flea” Fender Jazz in pink- but it’s pale and it looks dingy almost dirty on stage.
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    Non Tele guitar identification, and a big story

    Wow- I’m impressed, you guys nailed it perfectly. I would have never even given Slingerland a thought. There were so many companies making arch tops like Vega and Weymann. Every Father’s Day week I go to the big Weiser (Idaho/Stickerville), camp and play music all day- it’s largely working...
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    Non Tele guitar identification, and a big story

    The first 3 photos here, what archtop make is this? (Before the Gibson) This is my first music teacher-1964-5,before my guitar playing days, I was 9 and 10. He was Don Galvan, the Singing Troubador and also was billed as the Banjo Boy born in Mexico City. He played the Majestic in San...
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    I Hope My Chickens Survive…

    I have pigeons and worry about them in their sheltered coop with feed, but I then think of all the wild one’s around and they seem to do fine.
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    fretwire - the biggest

    I cast my own custom banjo picks from brass (zinc/copper), I usually use a high grade brass that I buy from a jewelry supply but I had a bunch of old brass plumbing parts that I thought I’d use and I smelted that down- wow- the zinc and whatever was in the metal mix smoked like crazy and there...
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    Winter of Christmas Eve 2022.. church services still happening?

    I’m in Bend, yesterday was 1° until noon and 2-5° the rest of the day, it’s 19° now and tomorrow is supposed to be better. We have 5 services tomorrow and last year each were packed. I’m on cello for the day and looking forward to it.
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    Solid state shootout: Gibson Lab Series, Peavey Bandit/Transtube, Roland Jazz Chorus, other?

    Maybe not a popular choice but I bought and used a 90’s Fender 112 Stage, the clean sounds are great as was most needed in the gigs we played and with pedals I could get great rock tones. It was extremely dependable and I could add a ext. cab. I used it with a Tele and a 47’ L7 with a D’Armond...
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    Danger... Rhythm section is MUTATING!

    I’ve been GarageBand recording some songs I’ve written and laying down all of the instruments- I’m certainly learning how simple and little fills are needed and how powerful just playing it straight and solid is. It makes me ashamed of all the times I’ve showboated entire songs on stage.
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    Travel and playing on the streets setup using a Morley JD10 as an amp head?

    Yes, I later thought that might be the case. We used a Roland streetcube-it was great but too large to fly with. I’ll look into a used Pignose.
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    Travel and playing on the streets setup using a Morley JD10 as an amp head?

    i get to travel overseas often and play music on the streets (mission stuff). I’m trying to put together a lightweight portable street amp with somewhat what I already own and playing my Tele. I’ve played in the past through a PA playing with a band in Russia and Germany with a couple pedals and...
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    Sansamp on a board question.

    I was researching the JD10 and your posts came up, so if I may ask you my questions. I purchased a Morley JD10 in 1992 when I was playing at Church, I’d run my Martin D35 through the PA with it for the few overdriven songs we did, it worked great! Then I took it to Russia and Germany on Mission...
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    What guitar and amp settings do you use?

    Derek, That makes perfect sense! I need to think in methodical terms esp. when someone else is calling the tunes. We do 3 polkas or waltzes which I play on plectrum banjo and then the band leader calls for a "modern set", he either begins the tune as soon as I change to guitar so on many tunes...
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    What guitar and amp settings do you use?

    Wow, I am really eating all this good info up. Thanks "Forth Feline" for the amp set tip, it seems to work well. I maxed out my settings, obtained a compresser and a volume pedal. Now another question in the mix. Do you either switch pickups between accomp. and solo, or do you add an...
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    Who got you hooked on the Telecaster? Mine was Marty Stuart

    My friend had a poster of Page with his tele back in the 71, and we were huge Zeppelin fans but my first electric was a 335. I bought a Tele as they are versitile, simple to use, and have both great electric and rhythm tones.
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    WHY doesn`t my tele sound like a tele?

    I play a 100% original Tele and I still can't get it to sound like a Tele!
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    What guitar and amp settings do you use?

    I am interested in what settings/pickups are used when you perform. I play in a couple groups that play alot of standards (Moon River, Jambalaya, Blue Bayou) type of stuff (they are really polka bands that I play banjo in,but we do an equal amount of these standards and I feel a bit lost). I...