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  1. AngelStrummer

    Please advise: OD/fuzz pedals for Telecaster + Vox AC10

    I have an AC-15c1 and while I liked a Boss OD-3 into it, there's a little too much bass. So I tried my Boss OD-2 and I like it more because it tightens the bass up just the right amount. Which leads me to believe that a Tube Screamer might produce good results too. YMMV, I might change my...
  2. AngelStrummer

    Bigsby pedal!! This looks awesome!

    Very original. Not so cheap.
  3. AngelStrummer

    Decisions, Decisions - Set and Leave or Tweak Away?

    I'm a big setter & forgetter.
  4. AngelStrummer

    EHX Tone Corset

    I set and forget all my comps and I have 4. YMMV.
  5. AngelStrummer

    RIP Wilko Johnson

    Top Tele slinger, who will be much missed.
  6. AngelStrummer

    Can anyone please explain this to me?

    Am I going crazy or is Reverb?
  7. AngelStrummer

    Compressor pedals ? What do you use?

    Boss CS-2 Boss CS-3 Boss CP-1X MXR M102 Dyna Comp They all do a fine job, with only a bit of judicious knob twiddling.
  8. AngelStrummer

    Pedal order and buffers help!!

    Mate, you've got 7 flavours of dirt in a row, some buffered, some not. At that point, the combinations become borderline mind-bending and depending on further factors (guitar specs and setup, amp(s) and settings, room temperature, size, reflective surfaces, humidity and perhaps your mood on the...
  9. AngelStrummer

    Advice on delay/echo

    Try harder with the DD-3 is my heartfelt advice. You'll also learn to trust your ears in the process. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with gear you have if you're prepared to put in the time.
  10. AngelStrummer

    Boss 3-pedal board (BCB-30 or 30X) - which three pedals?

    CS-3=>OD-3=DD-3 You'll cover a lot of ground with those, erm, three.
  11. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    A good little jam was had, as pics and short vid will testify: Coolest amp was Mark's (Knavel) Epiphone something or other, not sure what the model was... Coolest guitar was Richard's (Mid Life Crisis) Coppercaster I like to think I had the coolest t-shirt...
  12. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    One day, one day...
  13. AngelStrummer

    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    Boss DD-3, bought in 1988, having saved up for it for some time. Still got it.
  14. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    Hahaha! Shall we say harmoniously then? ;)
  15. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    Big Hairy Effing Bump 😐 It's happening. Tomorrow. After far too long. Time: 1pm - 6pm BST Place: Studio 6 Thumping tubs, the redoubtable Mr Howard Tibble of Shakin' Stevens fame. Keeping the low end together, Mr Matthew Mee, a fine fellow, even if I say...
  16. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    Gotta give Somethin' Else a spin too (bump) ;)
  17. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    Some good tunes indeed Rick. I might add: Ain't no sunshine (Am) Let it bleed (G) Cocaine (E) Crosscut saw (A) The joker (F) I shot the sheriff (Gm) Matchbox (A) Albatross (E/A)
  18. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    I'm taking my AC15C1, which will be plenty enough.
  19. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    Wow, thanks. The rehearsal studio has a bass amp and drum kit, so we're covered on that. Otherwise, have at it!
  20. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    And update to mine: I have just secured the services of Matthew Mee, who played bass at the last jam. So we now have a whole bunch of options!
  21. AngelStrummer

    Compressor Pedal

    Seconded. I have a modern, garden variety Dynacomp and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Twiddle the knobs and find your ideal setting.
  22. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    Confirmed regarding the redoubtable Mr Tibble. Not so much on the bass player... Tony, didn't you say you have a low-end hombre who could cover?
  23. AngelStrummer

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    Yes, the usual suspects, just like the movie ;)

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