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  1. Nogbad

    NGD American Original 50s Telecaster

    Dont....its part of its history.
  2. Nogbad

    Help! American Pro Tele Snapping Strings

    Yes! I had the Gotoh ones on my Mex 60's classic that I sold. I might re invest for the pro 2!
  3. Nogbad

    Help! American Pro Tele Snapping Strings

    Ive just looked on my Pro 2. The bridge saddles do have a bit of a sharp edge where their recessed,Also one string slides down the contour slope to rest beside the adjustment screw. I've only ad it a few months and im top loading. I'll keep an eye on that.
  4. Nogbad

    Dangerous knuckleheads drivers in your locale are usually driving what ?

    BMW saloons seem to be the weapon of choice for the local idiots round my way. They keep using our street to as a short cut at the weekend. I keep spreading a bucketful of gravel outside my house, If they see it they slow down. If they dont, their car gets buckshot. Twats!
  5. Nogbad

    Halloween prep

    Cheers! ( puts on little old mans voice.) "Im sixty twoooo you know!"
  6. Nogbad

    Halloween prep

    31st is my birthday I'll be out getting blootered with the mob. My prep will be stodgy food and a pint of water, ( Anti dehydration measure)
  7. Nogbad

    How about "Funny" gig stories??

    I remmember at my second gig ever in the 70's we were supporting a big local band at a pretty rough club, playing blues covers. we were all under age really and green at the edges. Half way through our third song ,this man mountain stands up in front of me shouting" Play Clapton !" really...
  8. Nogbad

    Any Audiophiles on budget?

    When my daughter and grandson left home in January, I got my music room back! so I picked up some used stuff for about £20 a pop local on Facebook Marketplace, The amp I've had for years from Gumtree. The Speakers were new though before we changed the Living room back I couldnt use my Tannoy...
  9. Nogbad

    What's the first record or song you really paid attention to as a kid?

    My older sisters drove me crazy as a kid with the latest Beatles or Stones single. I fell in love with guitar at a very early age thanks to this 45. My dads family are Italian.
  10. Nogbad

    Ashtrays...Do you

    Wow dude Nice!!
  11. Nogbad

    Hard Rockin' Tele!

    Saw Quiet Riot Supporting Saxon. Piggin loud they were But Great band. I think they were Quo fans though. Something at the back of my mind.
  12. Nogbad

    NGD! First Electric!

    Now you've done it! I started with one Squier Tele, Next thing I knew I had five. Got it down to three now....They are infections beasties!
  13. Nogbad

    Ashtrays...Do you

    ..Play Tele with one on and how does it affect your playing . Thinking of buying one for shoots and giggles.
  14. Nogbad

    Comments On MIM 60's Reissue Tele

    Me! Bought mine in 2007 when I had the money for a US one. Bought the 60's Classic and a blues Junior and a Fultone pedal instead. Still have and use them all!
  15. Nogbad

    Hard Rockin' Tele!

    Check out their 1976 lp 'Blue For you' or Hello from '73 I was a Quo fan as a kid. Learned my early chops Abums like Pile Driver.
  16. Nogbad

    What is the best Telecaster to buy right now?

    Start with a Mexican player to get used to actually playing one daily They are really good plus then if you get on with them, you can trade up. A lot of the Modern Tele's and some custom shop varieties I feel , have moved away from the spirit of the original concept. Although I have Usa...
  17. Nogbad

    60's Classic Tele tuners ( Mexico)

    Cheers guys. Watching Dan and Mick live now.
  18. Nogbad

    60's Classic Tele tuners ( Mexico)

    I used to use wall hangers until one new year......E1 is bent and inaccurate!
  19. Nogbad

    60's Classic Tele tuners ( Mexico)

    Ill Check them out. Should be an upgrade yes?
  20. Nogbad

    60's Classic Tele tuners ( Mexico)

    Hi,I need to replace my tuners in my 2007 mex 60's classic. Can some one please point me in the right directions for the right size ect. ? Much appreciate any help.
  21. Nogbad

    2018 Fender Mex player Strat

    In case anyone is still interested. I bought a 2019 player strat in february. I have played little else since. This afternoon I played The Player, A 70's Classic Series and a USA strat in quick succession. The player stood up to the others so well I cant see what there is to complain about.! Yes...
  22. Nogbad

    What song deserves to be #1 on everyone's play list?

    The Shadows Apache...
  23. Nogbad

    87 MIK E10 Strat. Worth it?

    Ive been using an S9 Tele for a long time, The original pickups wernt stage worthy and its got CTS pots now But The Tuners are still original ( I put a black plate on it though). Its had more gig time than my US stuff...
  24. Nogbad

    What was learning guitar like in the 60s and 70s?

    1970's Optimism for you. ( They may be older though) The back of one features an ad for Gladiator School....