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  1. Ascension

    Alternatives to PRS and Suhr

    Agreed. Sold my 07 Royal Blue PRS Custom 24 last year and bought 2 really nice used Kiesels. This was one of them a 2016 DC 600 now with Kiesel Beryllium pickups. Also picked up a pearl white 2014 Carvin branded hardtail version of the same guitar and had $ left from the sale of the PRS. Both...
  2. Ascension

    What are some new songs you are learning for Worship?

    One that I have been working with is Song Of The Lamb by Worship Mob. Man I like these guys and the stuff they are doing is SO in my comfort zone. My Pastor and I had a long talk last week and are really on the same page on trying to push for more open flowing material like this.We lost 3 since...
  3. Ascension

    What gear are you playing with this Sunday?

    REALLY liking the little Wampler Belle over drive through my PRS MT 15 rig at church. It's been many many years since I have run any kind of over drive or distortion pedal at all in one of my rigs. Reason they just didn't respond and feel real. The Belle is based off the Nobles OD 1 with a...
  4. Ascension

    Hi-Point has failed to deliver on it's promised YC9 G2

    I have been actively shooting 10MM since the early 2000's and refuse to own a Colt Delta. Reason is evident when you look at a box of full power 10MM Underwood ammo and the big white warning sticker on the side of the box warning not to fire that ammo in a Colt Delta Elite or any other 10mm...
  5. Ascension

    Sitting in with the band tomorrow...

    Prayers it goes well!
  6. Ascension

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    THIS!!! I have 5 rigs that I run playing out normally. The trick is finding the combinations that work with each one. I despise the Wampler Tuminious with my PRS MT 15 as it's way to stiff when used on the clean side for mig gain to light breakup. However with my PRS first gen real Archon head...
  7. Ascension

    Should a guitar store ask if you are serious?

    Hard to say and the wild card is the consignment issue. If not for that would be very harsh on that shop owner. Being one that has working in both Pawn Shops and music stores can also understand being extra careful with a guitar that is not the shops though.
  8. Ascension

    How do you use your credit card points?

    I normally use them to pay back money on the card balance. I only use the 5.9% card I have had for many many years for short term and try to keep a minimum balance on it so points just go toward that goal. My card company will pay me the same in cash as the points will pay down my balance so for...
  9. Ascension

    I am a blessed and happy man

    Through history of the faith there have always been those who were religious with no true relationship to the God some of us serve. They walk in arrogance and judgment stoned the prophets and crucified Christ. It is a serious mistake to judge an entire faith for the actions of those like this...
  10. Ascension

    Best Guitar Solo Ever..I rest my case

    The one that had the most profound effect on me was Gary Moore the extended version of Separate ways off Blues Alive, The way he used touch and the guitar volume to get the dynamics in this song had a profound effect on my playing.
  11. Ascension

    Best Guitar Solo Ever..I rest my case

    Was hanging out with Wayne a couple weeks ago as we grew up a few miles away from each other here in Birmingham. Known him for years and you should hear him talk about doing that session with Marley it's a riot. Great player who really got reamed by the industry. He's talking about doing a new...
  12. Ascension

    Favorite women guitarists?

    Lari Basillio found her by accident looking for demos of a particular Duncan pickup. Great player versatile and unique. Also doesn't over sexualize like most female guitarist to get attention but stands as a player alone.
  13. Ascension

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    Nobels OD1 or one of the clones for me. In particular my favorite is the little Wampler Belle. Reason I like the Belle so well is it has more adjustment like a separate bass control and the side switch that controls the level of compression. A real Nobels sounds great with a guitar running...
  14. Ascension

    Carvin Guitar Owners Club

    Still regular rocking Carvin Kiesel guitars on stage and now through mostly PRS Amps. My 2016 DC 600 with Beryllium pickups through my PRS MT 15 at my church. My Purple quilt early 2000's DC 127 with Duncans through the MT 15 My 2017 Kiesel with a Beryllium bridge and Marks single through...
  15. Ascension

    Your most unusual amp?

    Most unusual I have ever owned is this one. One off handbuilt 100 watt Fender Prosonic head I bought off this guy named Brad.
  16. Ascension

    Your most unusual amp?

    That I still own? Probably this old thangie a guy named Bruce built me a few years ago.
  17. Ascension

    I am a blessed and happy man

    Great story. Is similar in may ways to mine as i have always said I would come to a church AND play if the door opened but I would never come TO play. Where I am now I would have never picked on my own. Had gone through a big mega church blow up and the place I had been for years and thought I...
  18. Ascension

    What Are You Playing Sunday?

    Agreed. I covered his song Would you Crucify Him a few times on solo acoustic.Incredible song and very deep. I will get you crucified if you play it in the wrong church also LOL!
  19. Ascension

    What are your favorite non-Fender telecasters?

    New production right now the Kiesel Retro Solo. May build one soon.
  20. Ascension

    Best Small Gigging Amp No Budget Limit

    Own or have owned many small gig worthy amps. For a small grab and go Amp that I can throw in the trunk drop a mic on and absolutely kill nothing beats my old Mesa Subway Rocket 1/10 combo with a WGS ET 10. Just jaw dropping high gain tones at a whisper on stage miced. Check this live clip out...
  21. Ascension

    The big "Show your mini amps" thread.

    Own several small 15 to 30 watt amps. Mesa Subway Rocker, F30 short head. 25 watt Zinky Blue Velvet. Jet City 22H and a PRS MT 15.
  22. Ascension

    Best selling amps 2022 according to GuitarWorld

    Not necessarily. the PRS MT 15 for example is a very hard amp to find in a local store to buy around here as the sell as soon as they hit the floor and for a while many on line vendors have also having trouble keeping up with demand. However there were always a bunch of them new up for sale on...
  23. Ascension

    Best selling amps 2022 according to GuitarWorld

    I'm shocked that just under half of the amps on that list in 9 out of 20 I know are tube amps. Guess all that talk of tube amps being dead is just that talk huh?
  24. Ascension

    The big "Show your mini amps" thread.

    My favorite tiny terror amp is my early pre reverb Mesa Subway Rocket, Don't have a good photo of the amp handy but here is a live video with it. It's barely visible here behind me to the left on the floor. Before our set had some one make a snide remark about my little bitty amp. They got shut...
  25. Ascension

    sleep apnea?

    ByPap ST and it saved my life. I almost checked out because of a sudden severe BP issue. Sleep study showed I had both Central and obstructive Apnea. Without a ByPap I very likely would not be here. Been running the Bypap about 5 years now and it was life changing.

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