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  1. Norwegian Would

    Caged help.

    So can learning the major scale, pentatonics, other people's solos, etc. IF you're doing it wrong.
  2. Norwegian Would

    Show your Partscasters...

    On the bus home from the guitar repair shop, where I had this wonderful little instrument set up properly. I'd had the neck and bridge pickup for years, as part of a pretty dodgy Thinline-ish partso with a cracked body. But I knew I wanted to keep the neck as part of a quality Telecaster, a type...
  3. Norwegian Would


    I buy Mooer pedals because they're small, sound good, and cost less than most other brands. The ones I've owned have also worked without any issues. I don't limit myself to buying only from companies where the creators are people I personally find cool and likeable, such as Brian Wampler or...
  4. Norwegian Would

    TWO pedals only - what will be yours?

    That's not too tough, I'd go with these: MXR Carbon Copy, for general ambience and the possibility of using it as more of a rhythmic effect. Xotic BBP-MB, because it's such a natural-sounding drive pedal, and because I rarely find myself wanting more gain than the BB Preamp delivers...
  5. Norwegian Would

    Using Two of the Same Overdrive

    I did the boost thing with my BB Preamp. I liked the original tone, but wanted to kick up the gain for certain lead parts, so I just put an EP Booster before the BB, giving me a thicker, more overdriven version of the same sound.
  6. Norwegian Would

    Two Overdrives?

    Wouldn't the MojoMojo stack well with the Dark Matter?
  7. Norwegian Would

    Finally bought a Carbon Copy

    I love mine. Not as a typical delay, but more as a way of thickening the sound. To me, it's the kind of effect that you notice more when it's not there, because it's so subtle.
  8. Norwegian Would

    Good Mini Chorus Pedal

    Mooer Ensemble King. It sounds quite like the CE-2, but has a level knob as well, enabling you to blend in the chorus sound, adjusting to taste. I've had an old Japanese CE-2, but it broke, so I sold it and got the Ensemble King instead. Love it.
  9. Norwegian Would

    Show us your Strat

    My 2008 Fender American Standard. I found it online at a Norwegian eBay-like site a few weeks ago. The ad had been up for about 7 minutes, and the guy wanted $490 for it. It took me a couple of seconds to process how cheap it was, before I sent the guy a message saying I was interested if it was...
  10. Norwegian Would

    Which pedal led to tone compliments?

    It is! It's finding its way back on my board, after a long search for single pedals to capture that RAT + EP Booster combination. No luck, not even from the Buffalo FX Evolution.
  11. Norwegian Would

    Which pedal led to tone compliments?

    I get that when I run the Black Secret through an EP Booster. Really warms up the sound and gives a super-smooth, singing drive sound. Great for bridge pickup leads.
  12. Norwegian Would

    Mooer Pedal: New RUMBLE Drive...Hmmm...?

    I have never played a Dumble (well, duh), nor have I played any Zen Drives or similar. I bought it used, real cheap, and I didn't really know what to expect. Turns out it sounded absolutely wonderful. It didn't remind me of any other pedals I'd heard, just a really warm, rounded sound. I love...
  13. Norwegian Would

    Minimalist Pedalboards: How Small Is Yours?

    Is this minimalist enough? I've been trying to decide on a good combination of OD pedals, and so far this works well.
  14. Norwegian Would

    Blind Test: Tube Screamer VS Cheapest Clone (Joyo Vintage Overdrive)

    Same here. Now, I don't use it a lot, but it's great to have that TS sound close at hand when it's needed. Done some recordings with it, and it sounds real nice.
  15. Norwegian Would

    The effect you love when other people use it, but not when you do.

    Most effects. I can't make chorus sound good, but Alex Lifeson is a huge inspiration and one of my favourite musicians. I'm the same way with fuzz, but so many of my fave guitarists use fuzz in the best possible way. Like Philip Sayce, wonderful player with a great sound. So I basically just...
  16. Norwegian Would

    Cheaper alternative to the Zendrive?

    Something tells me this is a Mooer Rumble Drive clone, if not simply a rehoused Rumble Drive. And yes, the Rumble Drive has been used in tests versus Zen Drives and similar pedals, and it has gotten very good reviews indeed. In the sound tests, I couldn't hear much difference, and the Rumble...
  17. Norwegian Would

    Need an end-all dirt pedal

    The BB Preamp is the most useful drive pedal I've tried. Very smooth sound, huge volume boost enabling it to push an amp into higher overdrive, and active tone controls giving you a lot of tonal versatility. Also, from my own experience, the Mooer Black Secret does the RAT and Turbo RAT sounds...
  18. Norwegian Would

    Pedal Board Using Nothing But Mini Pedals

    That's a sweet little board. One thing that hit me is that if you got a Cioks Adam, you could fit it underneath the board and have more space on top; either for more pedals, or to spread them out a bit.
  19. Norwegian Would

    Thinking about my first pedalboard – all mini pedals?

    Mooer and Tone City pedals are excellent value. For the money you save on those, you've got options such as the Ditto Looper, Flashback Mini, EP Booster, SL Drive, Spark Boost Mini, and many others.
  20. Norwegian Would

    Best Mini Distortion

    I love my Mooer Black Secret. Two classic RAT voicings in one tiny pedal.
  21. Norwegian Would

    NPD - MXR FET Driver

    Happy NPD! Do you know if this one resembles the one Bonamassa uses?
  22. Norwegian Would

    Which tube screamer?

    Joyo Vintage OD, using it on my Laney L5 Studio, mainly as a boost, but it's got a nice drive sound in its own right. A short clip I recorded with it yesterday:
  23. Norwegian Would

    Dumble - An Unpopular Opinion

    They sound different than other amps - not necessarily "better" than an old Fender, Vox or Marshall - and they're rare because they were custom made for each player. Us humans value things that are rare, so the price of rare items that people are curious about, they are high indeed. Saying...
  24. Norwegian Would

    Laney L5 Studio: fizzy sounds with dist. pedal. Speaker change?

    Okay, I know it's not easy describing tone in words, so apologies for my somewhat stumbling attempts. I made a quick recording where the amp is set very low on the clean channel (volume 2 of 10), into the Focusrite 2i2 and finally Guitar Rig 5 and the "Jump" cab emulation: Me, I like this...
  25. Norwegian Would

    Laney L5 Studio: fizzy sounds with dist. pedal. Speaker change?

    So that was a long thread title. To be brief, I've got the L5 Studio, and I love it. I couldn't afford a Laney cab at the time, so I got a used Egnater Tweaker cab instead. It's got the G12H30 70th Ann. speaker, whereas the Laney combos are equipped with a Heritage G12H. Now, I bought a Suhr...