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  1. tubevibrato

    GRETCH COUNTRY GENTLEMAN VS? Electromatic Models ,

    After a month with my Gretsch Tri-Five, I feel the MIK Electromatic line is better than the Squier/Fender relationship. I played an early 60’s Double Anniversary along with a 1973 Country Gentleman, both long term in bands, and my Tri-Five feels better than both, and IMO, sounds better. My old...
  2. tubevibrato

    Anyone Going to Graceland for the Birthday Celebration?

    It should be his 88th birthday.
  3. tubevibrato

    Holiday Meme-ish(s) ?

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. tubevibrato

    Do you own or rent music?

    …’nuff said.
  5. tubevibrato

    Simple multi-effects stomp pedal

    Sorry, no tuner
  6. tubevibrato

    Simple multi-effects stomp pedal

    These are pretty cool and laid out like 4 individual pedals.
  7. tubevibrato

    Pickguard Static

    Place a piece of aluminum foil such as Reynolds Wrap under the guard extending from (and a bit of the corner anchored under) the control plate to about the neck pickup. It doesn't have to touch the neck pup. This has solved the issue for me.
  8. tubevibrato

    Doghouse strings- anyone have tips for changing them?

    A pencil for lubricating, do them one at a time (to prevent the sound post from falling), and time.
  9. tubevibrato

    Stupid sayings and questions thread anyone?

    He’s more confused than a fart in a fan…wait, I just made that up…
  10. tubevibrato

    Do you always have a pick in your pocket ?

    Always in wallet or center console
  11. tubevibrato

    Classic ‘50 vs. American Performer, is it worth it?

    Is the "made in the USA' factor that it was made by Fender? If so, just remember that a MIM is made in a Fender factory.
  12. tubevibrato

    Danelectro doesn't like high G#

    What, ….no pictures lol?
  13. tubevibrato

    Danelectro 3011 ('58-'62) - Neck Pocket Adjustment?

    Any luck resolving the neck gap issue?
  14. tubevibrato

    Danelectro 3011 ('58-'62) - Neck Pocket Adjustment?

    …not really sure what you have going on there. I didn’t have anything (mesh) sandwiched between the neck and body. My only issue after taking the neck off, then putting it back on, was the screws threading into the body before threading into the neck causing a gap between the neck and body...
  15. tubevibrato

    Danelectro 3011 ('58-'62) - Neck Pocket Adjustment?

    …I also used contact cleaner to the electronics. They now work flawlessly.
  16. tubevibrato

    Danelectro 3011 ('58-'62) - Neck Pocket Adjustment?

    Maybe bore the screw holes in the body just a slight bit bigger to prevent the screws from threading into the body holes? I had to do that to my Silvertone 1419. Below is my rescue guitar before and after. Got it free from a friend. It was on its way to the dump.
  17. tubevibrato

    What is Telecaster Tone?

    Tommy Tedesco’s telecaster. You need to get into the song a bit to really hear it shine!
  18. tubevibrato

    The dark side

    So….this forum enticed me to try out the Broadcaster blend/dark wiring. It was kind of cool, but not for me. I ended up switching back to the standard circuit on my 50s Classic Series with CS 51 Nocasters. It seemed the bright was too bright, and the dark was too dark. I love the middle ground...
  19. tubevibrato

    Dead ... or passed?

    I prefer “has received his/her heavenly reward…”
  20. tubevibrato

    Hey You Guuuuys! "The Electric Company" First Powered Up 50 Years Ago Today!

    Time was set aside in kindergarten to watch the Electric Company. This would’ve been the 1973-74 school year.
  21. tubevibrato

    Lurch sings

    An actual "Lurch" recording on Capitol Records
  22. tubevibrato

    Eddie Cochran Live 1959

    Just 4 days after his friends Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens were killed in a plane crash.