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    Telecaster neck pickup choice decision?

    I'm a big fan of the CuNiFe WRHB in the neck position. I've been playing one for a year with a Zhangbucker Tar Paper bridge, and it slays - similar breadth of music as you list. The cleans are unique, "woody" sounding but articulate, warm without being fat, flubby, or otherwise too thick...
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    Possibly the coolest Thinline Tele ever?

    All Thinlines are awesome. Some are more awesome than others.
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    Who tunes to Eb?

    My band has always played down to Eb. In fact, I think nearly every band I've been in - save one - has tuned down. So, after nearly 30 years doing it, I can't say it bothers me much!
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    (Mostly) Finished new amp cabinet

    That's really cool. I'll have to consider that!
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    (Mostly) Finished new amp cabinet

    That's probably pretty close to what I'll do. I do plan to gig it some ,so I've gotta find a padded cover for it, too.
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    (Mostly) Finished new amp cabinet

    A few months ago, several of y'all gave me some great ideas on woods and finishes to use building a combo cab for my VHT Special 6. I ended up going with cherry and 5e3 can dimensions (ok, it's about 3/4" deeper)...
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    Koa top thinline – help choosing the (mini) pickguard style

    I generally have the opinion that F-style guitars, and Teles in particular, need a pickguard to complete the look. There's something about the shape, contours, (my own expectations? 🤔) that makes them look incomplete without one. That said, this is one case where I would consider going without...
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    "New" '74 Tele Custom Arrived for the New Year

    That looks so, so good! I love those WRHB's.
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    Opinions needed: How acceptable is the placement of this WHRB pickup on my new AO 70s Telecaster Custom?

    Let us know gow it goes. The neck adjustment is definitely the first thing I'd do, even if the pickup isn't off center. I just like having the string tension set the final position.
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    IF you could order the perfect Telecaster from Fender parts...

    Well.... Ash Thinline body with fat "C-profile" neck, 22 fret rosewood board and contoured heel. 72 Custom wiring and pickguard - WRHB neck pup with 1 Meg pots; not super picky about the bridge, just a good match with 250k pots, 3-way toggle. Tort pickguard Bigsby B5 with rocker bridge.
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    Tube with rattle?

    Completely fair.
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    Tube with rattle?

    Not the kind of rattle when you're playing, but when you shake it. My dog got the bag of gear I take to gigs for quick fixes, and he pulled out the unopened pair of backup tubes I keep ( JJ 6lL6s) and had a chewing session. Fortunately, he's ok, there was no broken glass, or injuries. However...
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    Looking for humbucker + P90 wiring diagram

    Essentially, yes. I had that wiring for a while in one of mine. The P90, being a standard 2-conductor lead, was wired to a standard lot. The humbucker had a 4-conductor lead and was wired to the DPDT push-pull pot for switching. I think I used Seymour Duncan's diagram.
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    "almost" compressed pickups?

    My friend has the best Strat I've ever played, and he tends to agree. It's a 2001 American Standard that, to the best of our knowledge is entirely stock. While the neck is pretty great, what really sets it apart - at least to me - is that it has an almost compressed character to the tone and...
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    Troubles. Really

    Stacked like firewood scraps. And somehow, it seems totally appropriate.
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    American Vintage II ‘75 Telecaster Deluxe - Anyone played one?

    That's the exact opposite of my problem with most Teles. I still think it's weird to have only two knobs and the switch in the wrong place!
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    5-way rotary switch on Strat?

    I'm not sure that I do like rotary switches. I've never had a guitar with one, and I gig regularly so easy functionality is critical. The reason I was interested is that I keep hitting the switch on my Strat and bumping it down to the bridge. Attempts to reposition my technique are not hugely...
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    5-way rotary switch on Strat?

    I played a Deluxe Roadhouse Strat the other day - the one with the 6-position rotary switch in the first tone control that goes with the S1 preamp. It got me thinking. I like the concept but didn't find the extra settings useful beyond the typical 5 positions. I have never loved the location of...
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    Wide Range…Can they change?

    @yegbert, I beleive the OP's guitar is a '79, so definitely not under warranty. The new CuNiFe reissues from Fender are the closest things to a replacement. @Melodymanny, since you seem to have eliminated the external pole pieces, as the culprit, can you remove the pickguard and swap the pole...
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    introduction to the Tele Guitar

    I grew up in Nashville, but I was a dedicated grunge and rock fan, so naturally I hated all things country-music, especially Teles. Man, was that ever short sighted. 2010, my LP takes a stage dive and loses the headstock. While dropping it off at a luthier for repair, he had me try his Tele...
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    Wide Range…Can they change?

    I'd sent @Telenator a message. He seems to be the resident WRHB expert hereabouts.
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    American Original 70's Telecaster Custom Reviews

    I really, REALLY wanted to love an AO, but for the price, you could just as easily get a Vintera and swap out the neck pickup with a CuNiFe (along with pots/caps to taste). I understand that some of us want vintage specs, but I really prefer a flatter radius and 22-fret neck. Similarly, I was...
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    Recommend a Low Watt Tube Head

    VHT Special 6. It's been mentioned, but I'll add this.... It'll run big tubes, as well as 6v6. A slight (easy) mod will bias it for a 6L6 to get a tad more wattage and bolder tone. Pair it with a good efficient speaker and it's plenty gig worthy for most bats snd small venues. I gig mine that...
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    Wide Range poles

    My money is in the "aesthetics" camp - that it looked cool and was clearly different from Gibson. Wouldn't be the first time someone made a decision based on looks, only for people 40 years later to assume it must have been functional.