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    The Joy Of Cooking

    I love how you can look up an ingredient and get basic info on how to select, store and basic prep before you get to the recipies.
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    Give me an album that's all killer no filler!

    Pink Floyd DSOTM, Meddle Frank Zappa, Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation.
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    Went Owling Today

    About 2 weeks ago there was a report on the news that some a##hole had vandalized the owl cage in the Central Park Zoo and the resident owl had escaped. A search was done and in about 2 days they spotted him. He was doing well as there are lots of rats and mice in the park as well as squirrels...
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    Who would you want to be your pal barrers ?

    I wanna be ground up into chum. I told my fishing buddy he will catch the biggest fish of his life!
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    What would you trade for Aaron Rodgers?

    At this stage in his career and because he is not putting the work in, I would trade him for 2 bratwurst with everything and a good IPA.
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    Lionel F-3

    I bought a Polar Express set for around the tree and I love it! The sounds are so realistic! It chugs along with the speed of the train, plus whistle, bell and Tom Hanks making announcements and smoke. A great set!
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    Anyone Remember Canned Heat? John Mayall? The Doobie Brothers?

    I saw John Mayall about 2 years ago at The Iridium, a small club in NYC. He had Carolyn Wonderland on guitar and a great band. He announced a short time later that he would only play gigs in California where he lives. He is in his eighties so touring got to be too much. When I saw him he looked...
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    What were The 70's really like?

    Lifelong Bronx resident here. I was 20 years old in 1973. These pics are the NYC I grew up in. For me it was a great time with lots of live music but these pics are right the money. I didnt worry about crime then. I was 20 and top of the food chain. The city back then was a scary, dangerous, and...
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    Christone Kingfish Ingram! I have seen him twice and cant wait to see him again!
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    Rocky and Bullwinkle more

    Villians, thieves, and scoundrels union!
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    The new drought problem with big consequences.

    Thats an old Irish curse,"May you live in interesting times!"
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    If you could get sucked into a time warp and go back to 1969...

    Just based on the fact that I would be 16 years old again its a resounding yes for me!
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    Halloween music

    Zappa used to play the Palladium in NYC every Halloween. He would play two shows per night for two nights. I used to go to all four shows. Great band and great shows. If you have heard the Don Pardo intro to The Illinois Enema Bandit, I was at that show. You never knew quite what to expect at a...
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    A land where Remakes rule the day.

    Love this! All three women can sing! Its also the most seductive video I have ever seen!
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    Football the ultimate first world problem.

    As for hooliganism that is related to over consumption of alchol. Most fans dont participate in that the drunks do. Sports teach a lot of good stuff, discipline, working as a team, putting team results over personal results and give a skill set to maintain lifelong fitness. It also teaches the...
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    What changes would you make if you were the Sports Czar for a day?

    Many years ago we had an office football pool. You had to pick all the games with the Monday night game being a tie breaker. A woman named Jane won quite a few times. When asked how she picked she explained that she didnt know anything about football and never watched the games. She picked by...
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    Caged help.

    Thanks. I am going to do this.
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    Caged help.

    Thanks. It is still available. I will check it out.
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    Caged help.

    I asked my teacher how to go about learning the neck. He introduced me to the caged system. He showed me each shape and related it to the major scale. My question is what is a good book to start learning caged. I would prefer something thats easy to understand and put to use.
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    MLB Part Deux

    Judge will be a Yankee for life. The Yankees know they will have to make a long term bad deal for them but really have no choice. He is the best player in baseball when healthy, a class act and fan favorite. I think he will be the next captain. I am going to the game tonight and hope to see him...
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    Question for the retirees (post-retirement activities)

    I retired in 2017. Loved it from day 1. I had a 45 year career as a Xerox tech, lots of pressure, everything had to be done yesterday, always on someone else's schedule. Now I have a laid back, relaxed lifestyle. I walk 2 miles every day. In my opinion the best thing you can do is let go of all...
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    speaking of art... what is your favourite?

    So many! Dutch masters, Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Cezanne, Monet and many others.
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    Financial Advice

    A lot of good advice here. I dont know about your situation but when I needed to pay off the cc debt I borrowed against my 401k account. Much lower interest rate and you are paying yourself back so the interest goes to you not a bank. Plus it was automatically deducted from my paycheck. Later I...
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    What's your costliest Guitar & Price?

    A couple of years ago I splurged and bought myself my dream guitar as a retirement gift. Martin CEO7 at $2700. Love it!
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    A baseball memory

    My first game my sister took me and my brother to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees against the Washington Senators. It was ball day and we each got a baseball. Al Downing pitched and the Yankees won 1-0. I remember the thrill I felt coming out of the tunnel and seeing that perfectly manicured...