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    3d printed jewel light wrench

    Have you tried it yet?
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Starting to put together parts for a 5E9-A Tweed Tremolux build.
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    Best size speaker for low volume

    Look better? Sound better? Higher resale? I built this 1x12” extention cab from an old cherry board and stuck a UK made Vin30 inside. 50 years after all those Monoprice amps are in a landfill this will still be kicking a**. Build your own cab and stick a 12” inside. Never know when you’ll want...
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    5E3, first time build

    Nice work, but you’ve started out with a lot of mods already applied. Now you’re pedaling backwards trying to get your tone. I’d at least start by replacing the coupling caps with the original values. .02 and .05 in place of 0.1uF is gonna make it brighter. And unless tighter and brighter is...
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    Why Can't We Have Variety Shows Instead Of Competitions?

    As soon as “reality TV” was born variety shows died. Sex sells, and there’s nothing sexy about family oriented TV. Except for Sarah Purcell.
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    The infamous brake check:

    Sacramento driving has become hellish. Worse than Los Angeles. Why? Who knows. Lots of idiots out there. If I get brake checked I move into the slow lane and let them move on. I’ve never brake checked anyone. At freeway speeds that equates to road rage and can go really bad really fast. If...
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    What was CCR's problem? They were so good and their music

    John was the guy with all the songs in his head. He was a control freak, but finally agreed to let the other two guys write and record their songs and the trainwreck Mardi Gras was the result.
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    Amp Garage Login

    I just logged in so the site seems to be working.
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    Yea, back when I used a two-tube circuit to add reverb. Since gone to the single tube circuit.
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    The cherry cabinet is actually for my 1971 Vibro Champ. It’s a little taller than the original cabinet and fits a 10” speaker.
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    Can a 5F1 circuit be modified to work with an 8ohm speaker.

    Tube Audio Supply sells these (through eBay), made by Heyboer…same as the Mojotone tranny.
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    Can a 5F1 circuit be modified to work with an 8ohm speaker.

    Mojotone should swap this one for the 5F1 tranny. Same price and the primary impedence is close enough I doubt you’d ever notice the difference. Gives you both 4 and 8 ohm taps.
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    Favorite 12" Speaker choices.

    You can never go wrong with a UK made Vin30. In Fenders my first choice is always a vintage Jensen. My 2x12” test cabinet is loaded with a Weber Blue Dog and a Silver Bell. The two together are magic. For tweeds I usually lean toward a Weber alnico. 8 rib pulp cone to tame a flubby amp and a...
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    Thought about it overnight. Now thinking the big orange 25 watt resistor is being used as a ballast resistor, a conditioner to filter out wall voltage spikes. Anyone see this before?
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    Here is a BF Champ I re-capped a few months ago.
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    Twisted parallel filament leads help bring down the noise floor. That 222 ohm resistor is actually a 2.2K grid stopper, maybe installed to reduce some unwanted distortion. Looks like the NFB has also been changed from 2.7K to 3.3K. That big 25 watt resistor might be there to drag down the wall...
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    NAD. Excelsior!

    It can be green if you really want it to be. A buddy sprayed his red/black and it came out great.
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    1960 Oxford 8EV-29, anyone have one for sale?

    I think the alnico was made by Crescent. No idea on the other,
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    The top pic is a stock Champ and below it is one that has a newer replacement transformer and the filament circuit has been changed to a twisted pair arrangement. Necessary? Some would argue no. Leo did it that way for a long time and a Champ is a pretty quiet amp, so might be time and money...
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    The original transformer (see schematic) had a B+ of 320vac. 275vac puts you in 6G2 territory. So yes, use the 325vac winding.
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    New transformer for ‘74 champ

    You want to use the 325v winding for the B+. Don’t solder both filament leads (green wire) to the same lug on the pilot light (as you’ve drawn). The original transformer didn’t have a 6.3 volt winding center tap, and used the chassis as the filament return. Only one green wire is connected to...
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    PISTON Telecaster Knobs?

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    "Too much coffee, dear?"

    Good name for a scat band.