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  1. hotgoalie11565

    I hate saxophones in rock music

    Yes!!! I love 60s surf music.
  2. hotgoalie11565

    Are you more of a gearhead than an actual player?

    More of a gearhead now. But I would like to devote more time to playing.
  3. hotgoalie11565

    "10 Bands You Should Hate Instead of Nickelback"

    Yeah, I don't really like any of those bands either. And I knew bro country *gag* was a thing. But bro metal? Never heard of that one.
  4. hotgoalie11565

    The Other One...Bob Weir doc on Netflix

    Netflix has some great documentaries. I've also seen the ones about Janis Joplin, Tom Petty, The Eagles and Ginger Baker.
  5. hotgoalie11565

    1st Time "builder"

    You could just sand the surrounding area down to bare wood. Then some wood putty and then refinish the area. It's on the back side of the body, correct? Since you would be the only one who sees it, another option could be to leave it alone. [emoji6]
  6. hotgoalie11565

    Curing fast food addiction

    And sugar. My wife and I watched a movie last weekend called Fed Up. It's basically about how sugar can be 15 times more addictive than cocaine. And how the food industry gets away with what it's doing.
  7. hotgoalie11565

    My experience with the GuitarFetish Tele Kit

    Thanks for the review. I told my wife I wanted one of these for Christmas. But she wants to get it for my birthday in three weeks.
  8. hotgoalie11565

    11/09/2015 and still wearing cargo shorts

    Wearing 'em as we speak. We're still hanging in the low to mid 60's here in Omaha.
  9. hotgoalie11565

    Saga Tele help

    You may also want to check the neck pocket depth. I have a Saga strat and according to Fender the pocket depth should only be .62", or 5/8" if you use just a standard tape measure. Sadly, mine is .78", just a little over 3/4" deep. So it looks like I'm gonna be using some veneer to bring it up...
  10. hotgoalie11565

    Explain Fender's two types of tremolos to me...

    I would think you get better sustain from the vintage design. If you use logic, six screws help to make better contact with the body than two screws connecting the bridge to the body. Therefore, better energy transfer. Therefore, more sustain. Oops, I didn't see Mark's post. You can delete...
  11. hotgoalie11565

    Get rid of that spare tire, who's up for the challenge??

    I'm doing the local Y as well. I've been doing the Body Pump (weightlifting) and Turbo Kick (kickboxing) classes. I've done Turbo for about 8 months and Pump for about 6. I'm still right around 200 lbs, but I can tell you that I haven't felt this good physically since high school. Doesn't hurt...
  12. hotgoalie11565

    get together in Sacramento/Elk Grove (make guitar bodies)

    Man, I wish I could've made it there. But it's probably a 24 hour drive from the Nanny State of Minnesota. Looks like you all had fun!
  13. hotgoalie11565

    Need some good reading

    Thanks for the heads up on the Radiotron book. Here's a link.
  14. hotgoalie11565

    A really funny very early picture of Prince...

    I love the fro too. Makes him look a little like Chris Rock. :lol:
  15. hotgoalie11565

    Brad Paisley "Play" album..who bought it?

    I got it for Christmas and I really like it. The tone on "Les Is More" is one that I really like. That and "Waitin' On A Woman" are my favorites.
  16. hotgoalie11565

    Historical Accuracy vs. Modern Improvements

    +1. I like to stick to vintage as much as possible. The only exception being the big frets.
  17. hotgoalie11565

    Tips on how to simulate the Bravewood style of Relicing, almost!

    Thanks for posting this! I had this in my Favorites but I lost it when my hard drive crashed before Christmas.
  18. hotgoalie11565

    some of my jigs and templates

    Shoot; I wish I would've thought of that.
  19. hotgoalie11565

    $1500.00 What guitar would you buy?

    Oh, a little something like this.
  20. hotgoalie11565

    Creative outlets

    I enjoy photography, cooking, woodworking, golf and fishing. Here are a couple of shots I've taken.
  21. hotgoalie11565

    How Many Still Listening to Pat Metheny?

    I've only heard a few of his albums so I guess I can't give that good of an assessment of him. But I do really like the album he did with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes; Question And Answer. I wish he did stuff like that all the time.
  22. hotgoalie11565

    How low can it go?

    +1. I'll happily err on the side of caution here.
  23. hotgoalie11565

    COMPLETED, The Scattesquire

    Very good stuff! I'm right in the middle of doing the same thing for a strat.
  24. hotgoalie11565

    Guitars you never expected to be your they are.

    I ran into the same thing with 335's. I never thought much of them until I started listening to more and more jazz. Now I would just love to get my mitts on one.
  25. hotgoalie11565

    Ever try to find a pic of an old girlfriend on the internet?

    I was in a class with a girl who was a sophomore when I was a senior. Back then she was hot. And I looked at pics of her now and she's even hotter. We didn't talk much let alone date (curse my self esteem issues back then). But it's funny what time can do.