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    OD into SS amps.

    And we have a winner. Proved my entire point and theory in one sentence. So long.
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    OD into SS amps.

    Please explain why you do this. The point of OD pedals is to overdrive tubes. You are not getting the full use of the pedal running it into more solid state components and digital amps. I read reviews on here of people running OD pedals into Tone Master amps and the Kemper. What exactly do you...
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    Selling of pedals question

    I would NEVER buy a whole collection of pedals I don’t want. I see people try it all the time. 15 crap pedals for $600 or whatever and only one pedal is worth having. Nope. Take them to guitar center and be done in less than a hour. It’s less money, but time and no hassle is worth a lot...
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    What sort of daneclectro pedals would you recommand ?

    None. The jacks are all crap on the old ones and the new ones are overpriced with many better options available. And I love Danelectro. Just wouldn’t buy any pedals or guitars made after the 90’s reissues.
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    My Transparent OD Quest is Over ~~ Twist Ending!

    Tell that to Leo.
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    I bought a pedal from Anderton's

    Rob Chapman seems like one of the biggest full of himself d-bags I have ever seen on YouTube. I wish they would get rid of his dumbass already. 🤮 p.s. Chapman guitars are total garbage.
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    Wiring idea

    Thanks for all the replies. For simplicity’s sake, I just did it as your standard HSS setup.
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    Wiring idea

    Thanks! If the 4th position must be used, what could I have it do? I don’t really have a need to split the rail and I feel like the rail plus the middle, the rail would just over power the pickup anyway. It doesn’t really matter I guess as I’d really only ever use 5 and 2.
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    Wiring idea

    I have a newer Player Strat. SSS. I have a Duncan Hot Rail I want to put in the bridge. Can I install it like this. Duncan goes to volume only. 5th position is full on humbucker. 4th position is off 3rd is the stock middle pickup. 2nd is the middle and neck. 1st is the neck. The neck and middle...
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    Never did I say he put it in the pickup, if you’re trying to be funny, you’re not. If you are being a jerk, it’s a bad look. Thank you to everyone else that has educated me on the subject. I’m at work now so I can’t get a picture. The pot came with the cap and he said he also installed it...
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    So, maybe a dumb question, but I don’t mess with this stuff. On a one pickup, one volume guitar, what would a .022mf 250V tone capacitor do? What is the job of the capacitor I guess is the question. Had a guitar wired up, one Duncan JB humbucker, one Fender 500k pot. The guy also put the...
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    A Boss pedal has died on me, a fairly new OC-5....anyone else lose a Malaysian made Boss pedal?

    Old thread I know, but I will say I have ordered and returned at least 6 different Boss pedals in the last couple months, some were the Maylasian ones and a couple were Waza. They have a different rubber bottom on them now which is cheaper than the older style. But the reason I returned them...
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    The DS1 really isn't a bad pedal. I think the problem is the same problem this video has, the dude immediately starts playing terrible 80's rock on it. Play with one, use in a different way, it's really a good pedal for what it is. The demo is terrible as are most DS1 demos.
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    Tube Amps / Pedal Boards are now truly obsolete - in my opionion

    And just how often has anyone retubed an amp (out of necessity)? There are tubes in amps still going strong older than a lot of us. I imagine they’ll still be going after these all in one digital crap boxes poop the bed.
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    Favorite Heavy Riffs

    I know there’s heavier and it’s probably played out, but this is my fave. Also their cover of Breadfan.
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    Aleister Crowley

    Where do you start? Start by finding a better topic of study. Why waste valuable time you will never get back reading about this dude?
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    Coolest Non-standard Tele Colors?

    I just got the cosmic jade player plus. Love it.
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    At what price-point is your guitar no longer "just a guitar" but an "investment?"

    I agree one gig is an exaggeration. I was just trying to drive my point home!
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    At what price-point is your guitar no longer "just a guitar" but an "investment?"

    A guitar is never and should never be considered an investment. Unless your job is paid musician and that guitar pays for itself after one gig, it’s not an investment.
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    Humbucker Music?

    I’m ok with that as well. Yes, restocking is usually just a matter of putting it back on the shelf, but it’s technically a used item now and someone spent time and effort of selling it then taking it back. I’d charge a fee as well. I’m surprised that some places don’t.
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    Oh. I wondered why The Stomp Box forum seemed slow...

    I don’t disagree. I just believe the entire site has become a bloated mess.
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    Humbucker Music?

    I just went and read the return policy. I fail to see what’s wrong with it. They give you five days. It takes less than five minutes to know if you want keep something or not. You could start the whole return process within ten minutes of opening your item.
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    Oh. I wondered why The Stomp Box forum seemed slow...

    In all honesty, this entire site has too many redundant sub forums.
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    Golden age of competition/innovation for guitarists

    Then my apologies for misunderstanding.
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    The Elvis movie opens next Friday. Can't wait

    that makes sense because from my understanding the movie is supposed to be told from Parker’s point of view. I’m going to pass.