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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    Well, I've had guitars with the single HB before, and I gotta tell you: I hated it. When I was playing in emo/punk bands, it was great to run a 59 or a Dimi SD into a JCM900, but now-a-days, I find it lacking definition and character. I'm actually going to be cutting the guard and body to...
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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    I was just interested in seeing if there was a way to finish the neck without having to strip it and refinish completely, I'll wait for the neck to arrive to see how bleached it looks, if it's bad, I'll strip it and refinish it. I got a pg for it today, it almost fits, I'll have to reshape...
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    favorite musicians custom guitar

    call me a youngster/emo-punk/what-have-you on this one... but I LOVE the Mark Hoppus P-bass. There's something about the bass' natural "WTF" look that sets me off. With the right finish, it hints at older ideals than most Blink-182 fans acknowledge and it's actually a fine bass, in all...
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    What's the deal with the zero-fret?

    I have an 70's/80's Sigma with a zero fret that I love. I couldn't tell you what it does to the sound, though. I never noticed a marked difference between it and my other acoustics, but... then again, it's my only twelve string, so I don't know what affect it has on the "chorus effect" for a...
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    it's NGD and it's a CO.

    Holy god, you made me miss my ASAT... I sold it years ago... and now am dying to be able to go back and not sell it. Beautiful guitar, man, absolutely stunning.
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    Free browser that works with an old computer?

    I recently did a restore on my father's desktop that runs XP SP1 off the restore discs. The automatic updates didn't take, I actually ran chrome on his computer with little effort and from there, received the offline installers for SP1-3 for his computer. Chrome runs fine (P4ht 3.1ghz/1.5gb)...
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    Broncocaster shortscale project

    This might be one of the coolest bass builds I've seen in a long time. Kudos!
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    $100 CL score!

    Awesome score, I'm super jealous. I'm'a huge fan of the MIM basses as a starting point for mods/fixer uppers.
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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    Ok, guys, sorry to resurrect this, but I feel it's better than filling the board with thread after thread of me asking questions. So, I'm going to build the second guitar I started, I decided that. I'll stay the broadcaster idea for down the road. I picked through my parts and found that I...
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    How would I cut bass strings without wire clippers?

    I wrecked a good many pairs of scissors in my time changing guitar/bass strings with them. The G, B and E strings on guitars are darn hard to cut with scissors, if memory serves me. Invest in a set of string cutters, you'll thank yourself.
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    Squier Vintage Modified Club

    I just posted these in the CV Thinline thread, I didn't notice this one existed. But, here's what I posted on there. It's an 08' VM Thinline, Duncan vintage pickups, CTS/Switchcraft electrics and a Fender Vintage Bridge PS. Forgot to mention: the bridge rattling? Mine suffered from...
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    The Song Game

    Working on the Highway - Bruce Springsteen
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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    The body I tossed was 100% plywood that I couldn't match up to any type of manufacture. It started its life as a 12-string, ended its life as a monster. If you have a specific Teisco model for this body, I'm very interested.
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    The Song Game

    The Moon is Down - Further Seems Forever... sorry to post again so soon.
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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    You're all gonna kill me when I say: I tossed the plywood body, gave the electrics to a friend and gave the neck to a guitar shop on that old japanese thing.... (ringing' shirt collar)
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    The Song Game

    Where do My Bluebirds Fly - The Tallest Man on Earth
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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    Well, I'm gonna take you guys' advice and try and get that body I got in august to work. If you all don't mind, I'd like to keep posting here for advice, even though it is a Strat build. I'm gonna do some quick measurements of it to see what I'm working with, exactly. I ordered a pickguard...
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    1st Bass, on a budget

    Just a heads up, if you're in the Chicago Suburbs, Modern Music on Ogden and Yackley has a sunburst Squier Jazz CV for $199.99, might want to have him check it out if he's around the Lisle area.
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    Who Makes a Bass Like This?

    Fender's P/J hybrids have never seemed all that heavy, to me, but then again, I spent most of my teens with a P-bass around my neck. I've got one of their Deluxes, no neck dive, lighter than my older MIM, great balance... as for body size, sorry, it's a full P-bass.
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    Fender Musicmaster Bass

    I often find myself contemplating getting one. When I do, I go out to all the shops around Chicago playing around on the short scale basses and remember how anemic that sound compared to the P's, J's and Mustangs. I'm sure they'd sound great with a new pickup in them, but I've never come...
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    1st Bass, on a budget

    Now, this is a little tricky, but being a bassist from the Midwest, I know it's possible. I've found that the early 90's/Late 80's MIK Squiers tend to offer awesome "bang for the buck." Since they're not yet on the "vintage" pedestal and wear the "Squier" logo, the basses tend to sell for...
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    Don't think I even introduced myself before

    I signed up years ago for advice on my Tele Thinline by Squier and realized I never introduced myself. So, I'm Thomme. I've been active on a few other guitar forums, but found many of them to have transformed into substandard breeding grounds for bandwagoning and advice based not on...
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    2010+ Classic Vibe Thinline and Custom club

    Do you guys mind if my VM Thinline joins the party? I can't seem to find it a home. It's from 08, heavily played, lightly gig'd, replaced bridge, pickups and electronics. Sorry if it offends you all. I like it, a lot. And, as this is the only Squier Thinline Owners Club thread...
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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    Well, the first build didn't turn out half bad... just not half good, either. I took an old 60's Japanese twelve string and replaced the electronics, bridge and neck on it. The neck pocket was too big, so I filled it with a chunk of pine for the neck to sit in, but I never got any sustain out...
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    Building Guitars is hard, another try

    I like the tenacity towards "making it work" that you guys take, it's refreshing. At the same time, though, I'd hate to assemble a complete body and then try to make a fender neck up to it and find "woah, your neck pocket is jacked up!" when it goes to go in.