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    Examples of Unexpected Pivots in a Musicians/Bands Career that Result in Greatness

    Couple more: Adrian Belew Gerry Leonard (under the radar, super creative ambient - textural - effects player, worth the research) Ben Monder
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    Guitar: -Bill Frisell - although a very successful solo artist and band leader, he has played the side man role on many recordings for many artists -Gerry Leonard, aka Spooky Ghost (David Bowie, Suzanne Vega) -Duke Levine -Adrian Belew (used to be a side man) -Avi Bortnick Bass: -Tim Lefebvre
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    Need help from 80s Super Champ owners

    chris m. - thanks for the breakdown in simple language on why the reverb goes away. I probably wasn't searching the string of words that was going to get me the answer when I was searching for answers in Google, but then I thought "the TDPRI folks would know," and within a few hours I got really...
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    Need help from 80s Super Champ owners

    Thank you for your response, Bendyha, you saved me a trip to the amp repair shop and a few $$ 👍👍
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    Need help from 80s Super Champ owners

    Hi All - I recently got an 80s Super Champ from a friend who's moving. He's primarily a drummer, and he used this amp occasionally when he played guitar, but it's been sitting in a closet for years. He's not an "amp guy" - just turned it on on played, no technical knowledge. I love this amp, it...
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    Could 11s be the ideal gauge for solid-body electric guitar?

    I used to put 10s on everything, but that has drifted over the years. Still 10s on most, but on two guitars I bought recently I just kept the gauge that the previous owners had them set up for - 9s on a Strat and 11-48 on a Duo Jet w/Bigsby - and they feel fine, no complaints, I just have to...
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    The coolest image of a guitarist in a recording studio?

    This one comes to mind. Keef again.
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    Doubling, Tripling Up On Your Favorite Pedals

    Robert Quine is one of my favorite musicians. Apparently, he bought multiples of gear that he thought would eventually go out of production. I found this list of his gear on the web - it's incomplete as it only lists guitar, basses, and amps, but you get the picture. :oops:
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    Drum Players Who Raised The Bar. Your Favorites. Your Opinion.

    Zigaboo Modeliste, Keith Carlock, Dennis Chambers
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    Facepalm Mute: Social Faux-Pas Chatting with Neighbor Yesterday

    Context: My wife passed away one week ago, so this is kind of in the realm of possibility for me now. It's difficult to notify people of a death. There are so many, and it's just hard to do. I went through both of our Contacts lists and sent an email to everyone that needed to know. I told our...
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    Are all Roland JCs equally clean?

    I've had the same JC120 since 1984. Never broke down, curious to see how it's doing, it's been sitting in a friend's basement since the pandemic started, everyone is older and at risk, so no music down there yet. I played it in cover bands and punk bands. Now that I think of it, I guess it's...
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    What makes your Telecaster "Yours"?

    I have a Jim Campilongo Signature Tele with Jim's actual signature in sharpie under the pickguard. He checked the guitar out and signed it at Matt Umanov Guitars before they shipped it out to me. What a thoughtful thing to do, eh?
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    Princeton, Deluxe or Vibrolux…

    I The OPs question was “if you could only have one of these amps,” so given that, the volume/headroom on tap with my choice, the Vibrolux Reverb, really informed my decision. Good to have, just in case. I recall being at an informal jam with a Princeton Reverb cooking on 10, drowned out by a...
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    Princeton, Deluxe or Vibrolux…

    I have a BFPR and a BFVR. I had a BFDR in the 90s. If I had all 3 and had to pare it down to 1, it would be the VR. The PR is a great amp, but not enough headroom for some louder situations I’ve been in (without mics.) The VR has that second channel, too. I like the PR’s vibrato a little bit...
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    Practicing with a Metronome

    The light bulb went off for me when Wayne Krantz, in his "Improvisor's OS V2," wrote about giving up your internal clock and locking in with whatever external timekeeping source is providing the reference (click from metronome, human drummer, etc.) as a way to work on and approach your time...
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    Do CS Limited Editions increase in value?

    I bought a Jim Campilongo Tele (only 50 made) in 2011, and have played it pretty much every day since then. I check Reverb every once in a while and it seems to be holding its value, but it would be the last electric of my stash that I'd sell (don't really see that happening barring huge...
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    Your 'Lightbulb Moments' ?

    I had a light bulb moment when I realized... ...learning intervals on the fretboard grid unlocked my ability to create chords and lines that weren't just shapes or patterns. ...when practicing with a metronome (with the objective of playing the note in the center of the beat) the only way I...
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    Is anyone else convinced...

    Not disagreeing,'s pretty interesting to listen to the Muddy Waters Plantation Recordings from the early 40s next to the classic stuff from Chicago. Yes, different styles, but the same guy - different circumstances. So great to hear Muddy's slide clacking across the frets on the...
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    Signature Models

    Isn't the Eric Johnson Strat still the only way you're guaranteed you'll get a quarter sawn neck? I haven't been keeping up with Fender for the last 10 years or so, has that changed?
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    Are you a pedal fiend?

    I buy a pedal or two a year, which was never a financial excess for me. I've been playing for 43 years. I used to play out a lot, not that much any more, but I do go to a standing weekly jam I've been part of for 30+ years (before the pandemic, of course). I have 70 pedals (average 1.6 pedals a...