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    Do you buy single strings?

    You can buy all the singles you want from Curt Mangan in any alloy you want. I buy sets but I also have at least 6 each E, B, G and a few assorted strings with me always in my bag.
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    Best TV Series

    Amos and Andy
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    Tone Hatch Stratocaster pickups – wow!

    I have a set of Shin Kickers in a Tele build, they sound absolutely killer. I went with 500 pots and they are just crystal clear. Best pickups I've used in a long long time.
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    Tone Hatch Pickups 2/5 Union T Set

    I have Shin Kickers on my Tele and they sound fantastic.
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    Does Anyone Use A Walking Stick.

    I am 71 and volunteer as a trail specialist for the Forestry Service in SW Colorado, every one i know uses hiking sticks. And I do have a cane when I need it around town. The hiking sticks have saved my butt many many times. Do yourself a favor and pick up a cane or stick TODAY.
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    Hello from Northern Colorado!

    Greetings from the Four Corners, Dolores Co
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    Budget pickups

    Tone Hatch pick ups are my go to. Sound great, look great, great pricing
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    Got called for Jury Duty... again.

    I was on jury duty yesterday in the worst snow storm of the year. Went out at 5:30am to check on my car / dig out situation, there was no way in hell my car was getting out. I was able to get a ride to the courthouse in a friends jeep. I get there just before 8. They get started 30 minutes late...
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    Another new/old fella from Georgia

    Greetings from the Four Corners, Southwest Colorado
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    Looking for some new pickups....(long time no see lads)

    Tone Hatch Pickups ~ grrrreat
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    Musician Buddies Always Needing to Borrow Gear

    Lots of people ask to borrow a cord. I bought a couple of bright PINK cords from musicians friend and I always get them back, ha ha.
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    Fender Mojo Grips.

    I started using them a few months ago also. I really like them because I use Dunlop nylon 44 picks and they really provide something to hold onto. I do super glue the picks in to the grip and it keeps the seams from tearing. I also picked up a pack of cork rings with an adheisive backing that...
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    Ever have a brawl at your gig?

    We played a biker bar when the fight started. Just like on a good western somebody got punched, ended up lying on the bar and then slid all the way down the bar, knocking over everybody's drinks and flying off the bar at the end. It was perfect.
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    I bought a bag of cork stick on pick grips.
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    Good Cheapy Pickups

    I really enjoy Tone Hatch pickups especially the Shinkickers.
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    Greetings from Colorado
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    The Reflections : "Just Like Romeo And Juliet"

    Great song, I play it all the time and yes you can rock it.
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    Okay, Time For Another Doo Wop Thread!

    Just my opinion, if it ain't acapella its not doo wop.
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    Greetings from The Boot!

    Welcome and greetings from Colorado
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    Coated or uncoated guitar strings?

    I picked up a new Yamaha acoustic the other day and the string screech and noise almost made it unplayable. I adjusted the truss rod a little and then treated the neck with Hydrate (great planet wave product)I then installed a set of Curt Mangan 11/52 flatwounds. OMG never going back, they...
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    What is your favorite

    North to Alaska
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    Guitarists that perform while sitting down.

    I can remember the mid 60's, Taj Mahal always sat in a rocking chair and it made his act.
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    Hello I am new here

    Nice guitar brother. I just finished a nice a very nice Nomoon laser made from cedar. I used Tone Hatch pickups and they are incredible, check them out. I used 500 pots and the crystal clear sound is just what I was looking for.
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    Macho Songs!

    Under my thumb ~ Stones