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  1. 50hz

    Talk me outta a Gold Foil Telecatser

    I voted "No" only because of the nature of the pickups in this model. If I wanted gold foils I'd put real ones in a model that has base specs more to my liking. Never been a fan of matching headstocks and whatnot. The ebony board is a nice touch though. If this one speaks to you then by all...
  2. 50hz

    Thinline thoughts?

    Had a MIM '72 for a while. Loved the sound and the light weight but couldn't get along w/ the neck carve so I moved it on. Would love one w/ a Nocaster neck on it lol.
  3. 50hz

    NGD American Pro II Tele in Mercury

    This is def an underrated finish on the ProIIs. Seems like the Dark Night one got all the love initially but this looks great. Enjoy it.
  4. 50hz

    Sg special for Tele Nashvile Deluxe Mexico 2006

    Yeah man feels like the smart move might be to hang on to the SG and grab a Nashville Tele when you can but it's your call.
  5. 50hz

    NGD JV 60s Custom telecaster

    The finish on these models look great. Looks like a beautiful guitar, enjoy.
  6. 50hz

    NGD '51 Fender Tele Vintage II

    Beautiful, enjoy it.
  7. 50hz

    New Fender Gold Foil Telecaster

    I wonder if they're using mahogany bodies that were too heavy to make the cut for the AVII '63. Maybe I'm becoming too cynical lol.
  8. 50hz

    Common “ding”?

    I mean my AV52 used to chip if I looked at it the wrong way so the fact you you had to stab yours makes it pretty tough in my book.
  9. 50hz

    Got a couple new axe's for Christmas, so here's pics of that...

    Beautiful, enjoy them. That Jazzmaster color is 10/10.
  10. 50hz

    So whats the difference between relic aged replica guitars

    Just a heads up, but unless you've done an exceptional job, I don't think the buying public is going to value your labor as much as you do in terms of selling your partscasters and project guitars.
  11. 50hz

    Belated NGD - JV Modified '60s Tele

    That is a beauty. Enjoy it.
  12. 50hz

    NGD/Early Xmas: FSR Classic Player with Mid-boost

    Would def. go white for the guard. Great looking guitar though, enjoy it.
  13. 50hz

    So I kinda wanna paint my new Tele

    I feel like you should paint a portrait of either: Leo Fender, a photo of a woman you found on the internet, or an altered photo of yourself. I also think that would go over really well in this forum. But in reality I like the oly white idea right over the burst. I've seen some of the CS models...
  14. 50hz

    What if… the telecaster was not the first 6 string guitar Fender made?

    It's irrelevant from a playing standpoint to me what came first. I get along just fine with my Strat but the Tele just ticks the boxes for me and that's what I'm reaching for day in and day out. I think the heritage/history of guitars is interesting and fun to learn about but idk that it...
  15. 50hz

    NGD: American Vintage II 1963 Tele, Surf Green

    Very nice, congrats and enjoy. Really intrigued if the neck is substantially thick, that's something that keeps me in 50s spec territory usually but have always wanted a 60s style w a chunky neck.
  16. 50hz

    NGD - AVII 63 Tele

    Beautiful, enjoy it.
  17. 50hz

    AVRI w/ serious relic job

    Can't tell what's more cringe, the guitar or the seller listing it for 2800$
  18. 50hz

    First Tele has arrived!

    Not a bad start at all! Enjoy it.
  19. 50hz

    Do I Need a Tele Deluxe?

    Damn, glad you got out of that deal alright. Curious how you liked the neck on the Deluxe since you had played it a bit.
  20. 50hz

    Help with first Tele

    You might be looking for a Nocaster really. I had an AV from 2013 and while I liked the neck on it my Nocaster neck felt way more full. As another option, if you're open to doing mods grab a body that has the specs you like and throw an aftermarket baseball bat neck on there. Looking at...
  21. 50hz

    Do I Need a Tele Deluxe?

    I'd imagine the neck carve on the Deluxe will be markedly different so if the RW neck has been a huge factor in your enjoying it maybe make sure the Deluxe feels nice to you first. Or just get a second RW and put hums in it.
  22. 50hz

    Latest in Collection....Rosie

    Very nice, enjoy it.
  23. 50hz

    New Thin Skin '52 AVRIs at Wildwood

    Really love this feature set. If I was in the market I'd def. consider this over the new AVII that's for sure.
  24. 50hz

    Favorite Telecaster using artist/band out there?

    Ted Green Ed Bickert Bill Frisell Tim Lerch Julian Lage