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  1. Buck@r00

    Late winter/early spring snowstorm- Cheese Curdin' the Storm out

    I moved to Wisconsin last year. Behind our house there's what appears to be a big grain elevator. We kept noticing a "burnt toast" kind of smell. A neighbor finally explained they were malting barley there. And that was used by New Glarus among other Brewers. Now when I smell that I raise a...
  2. Buck@r00

    Saw Marty Stuart last night!

    Saw him in Macon a few years ago. When I commented on it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out three or four other fellow forumites were there also.
  3. Buck@r00

    RIP Tim McCarver

    He was my first "favorite player" in the 60s
  4. Buck@r00

    Well, this could explain a lot...

    I was listening to a radio station on a slow summer weekend afternoon. The DJ had some free tickets to give away (I don't remember what for). He said they were available to the first caller. No one called. He tried for half an hour. Finally he said he had an idea. He made the tickets a prize...
  5. Buck@r00

    The Fender “Go-Around” guitar waist belt

    Don Rich was known to use one for a while
  6. Buck@r00

    Great Live Country Albums?

    A great Buck Owens "live" album is from London. It includes his hit version of :Johnny B Goode"
  7. Buck@r00

    Bah, HUMBUG!!!!

  8. Buck@r00

    RIP Michael Nesmith of The Monkees

    Always my favorite song of his.
  9. Buck@r00

    This Might make you smile

    Whatever happen to Shelby and friend who lived down in Texas? We used to get regular updates. Especially in the spring when they came out of brumation.
  10. Buck@r00

    I love the sound.....

    I also love the sound of jets taking off. I was 21 years in the USAF and it's gratifying to see and hear that especially if the jet had a preflight maintenance problem "Redball" that you troubleshot and fixed. The best was after 9/11. We were shut down for a couple days but it sounded so good...
  11. Buck@r00


    The Iowa Hawkeyes Band plays "In Heaven There Is No Beer" after all victories
  12. Buck@r00


  13. Buck@r00

    Burgers at 6 am

    I always love a leftover hamburger for breakfast. Really not much different from a sausage and cheese biscuit:)
  14. Buck@r00

    Thinking about seeing Marty Stuart

    I saw him a few years ago in Macon GA. Great show, but the interesting thing is, although it was a small theater, quite a few of us forumites were there.:)
  15. Buck@r00

    Wow Justin playing a Tele

    Here I believe he's playing a Squier Stat
  16. Buck@r00

    Your favorite silent movies/ or actors

    Another vote for Buster Keaton. Love this clip from "Steamboat Bill" where he's trying on different hats. Notice his expression at 2:47 the haberdasher puts on his famous "porkpie" hat
  17. Buck@r00

    Peter Paul and Mary Ford

    Charlie Berens has a video on Wisconsin band names See below
  18. Buck@r00

    Peter Paul and Mary Ford

    Garth Brooks & Dunn
  19. Buck@r00

    Happy Birthday (90) Willie!!!

    I see vintage baseball cards like those and I can still smell the bubble gum :)
  20. Buck@r00

    Ding Dong, Witchiepoo is dead

    That's the first thing I thought of. It's been rattling around my brain for over 50 years o_O

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