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  1. Marky D.

    High Powered Tweed Twin Amp - anyone played through or owned one

    I have a 90s Bassman reissue that I've been fiddling with forever.. Hoffman board, mercury magnetics OT.. Tons of speaker combinations but nothing magical. Procured a used Bluesbreaker cab and mounted the bassman chassis in it .. Running 2 8 ohm greenbacks in it, its a great sounding combo...
  2. Marky D.

    Get more bass from a Champ Clone?

    Try running an EQ pedal after your OD box if you use one - see Wampler's YouTube video on this- was a game changer for me- much increased tonal flexibility!
  3. Marky D.

    Pro Junior IV disappoints....and doesn’t?

    I dunno, the PJ seems to have a tweed-like mid first impression of a PJ upon playing one of the first versions is that it reminded me of a tweed Harvard that I once owned. The stock PJ with the ceramic speaker is a very nice sounding amp.. surprisingly huge sounding when miked up...
  4. Marky D.

    NAD- Peavey Special 130

    I have 2 of them! On one, I changed the cosmetics to give it kind of a dumble look - very non Peavey. The other has stock cosmetics. They both sound great - the key for me is the parametric eq: I dial it in for a blackface fender sound, then use it as a basic clean platform on which to run...
  5. Marky D.

    EHX 12AY7/6072A ?

    I like em.. have a couple of them in my tweed twin reissue and they sound great.. actually better than the JAN 6072 I paid too much for. The 12ax7s are nice too.
  6. Marky D.

    70's Marshall JMP 50w

    I've owned several JMP and JCM800 2204 head and combo amps over the years and have always loved the basic edgy tone..but have had a hard time finding a pedal with which to add a nice "soaring" lead tone.. Well, with the range of good quality pedals available these days, I've found that with a...
  7. Marky D.

    Anyone have a PCB tube amp (reissue) gutted...

    I gutted my 90s Bassman reissue and it turned out very well with a Hoffman turret board - their grounding scheme resulted in the quietest amp I've owned.. It's a great amp now (added a MM output transformer). That's a basic circuit though and wasn't too difficult. That said, I've owned a...
  8. Marky D.

    2x12 Baffle for Bassman RI

    Wasn't very difficult - I bought a piece of 3/8" plywood, cut it to size and laid it all out w the 2x12s before making the circular cuts.. it does fit..
  9. Marky D.

    NAD - Mint Early '66 Twin Reverb

    I would attempt to correct the baffle if you can ..if yer careful you might be able to rearrange the threads around each hole to hide the damage .. cool amp anyway- nice score!!
  10. Marky D.

    2x12 Baffle for Bassman RI

    No negative effects that I could detect..I put a Hoffman board in mine about 12 years ago and have been fooling around with tube & speaker combinations on these reissues for longer than that.. for me the issue has been whether to try to acheive natural overdrive with this amp vs using it for a...
  11. Marky D.

    I don't like my Ragin Cajun in my SuperChamp x2...

    I had the same issue w a new RC.. had great expectations after reading reviews..had better luck with a 10f150T in a PR and a regular old black label fender ceramic in a pro Jr.. the RC mystifies certainly looks cool.
  12. Marky D.

    2x12 Baffle for Bassman RI

    I've done it - its a tight fit but it works.. made a new baffle and tried a V30 & wizard combo,as well as a weber 12f150/12a150 combo. Running JJ 6v6s with a 5u4 recto..great sound, though I have the stock baffle with blue frame alnicos back in it now.. nice to be able to swap back & forth...
  13. Marky D.

    NAD: 80's Peavey Special 130

    Mid (inner) on 2, shift (outer)on 8, no shift or bright knobs pulled..and the speaker on the one I checked is indeed 4 ohms..
  14. Marky D.

    NAD: 80's Peavey Special 130

    I have had several of these and at least one came stock with a 4 ohm speaker.. I use the saturation channel with the sat turned way down or off, using the parametric mid control to dial in a scooped midrange BF sound. Then, using a Boss DS-1 for drive, run the amp volume up high and run clean...
  15. Marky D.

    a 5e3 through 4 x12" speakers. Whoah! Anyone else?

    I run mine through a 2x12 blues breaker cab with greenbacks- sounds great!!
  16. Marky D.

    Deluxe Reverb speaker for Honky Tonk Country?

    I've had good luck with a Celestion G12 65 ..& I've tried many!
  17. Marky D.

    What amp do you play the most.

    57 Deluxe Reissue for small gigs, adding a 2x12 greenback cab for medium gigs, then a Marshall 4104 for large gigs... used ta mike up the amp every time, the groups I play in now just run everything off the stage. I use the amp to get semi-dirty base sound, then add pedals as needed.
  18. Marky D.

    '65 Bassman Amp P2P Build

    Cool.... A couple questions: What's the blonde knob in the input #2 spot - master vol? Where did he get the chassis and face plate? I thought they were hard to find..last time I looked. I've been thinking for a while of going w/a Bassman + various cabs as a pedal platform.
  19. Marky D.

    Fender 40W+ 6L6 cleans in a concrete basement, good idea?

    You'd think drummers would be the first to lose hearing - being so close to the "action"....but my drummer friends are all still pounding away.. As noted, try hanging some blankets or carpet pieces on the walls or from the ceiling to deaden the sound. Then, try to get the drummer (and everyone...
  20. Marky D.

    Fender '57 Bandmaster Reissue Anyone?

    " To my ear even thought the 57' Tweed Twin Reissue was louder, it was also on the harsh and bright side. I never really did come to terms with the sound of my 57' Twin, even though I switched the first 3 preamp tubes to 12AY's and ran a Y cord to blend both bright and normal channels." My...
  21. Marky D.

    Amps - If You Could Only Have One?

    JCM800 4104... no pedals necessary. Can plug straight in, practice and play anywhere, not that heavy.
  22. Marky D.

    Questions about combo baffle boards

    I have the same issue with a 65 deluxe reverb cab.. every speaker I try in that cab sounds harsh and not musical.. though the same speakers in a sf cab sound much more alive. I posted a while back about this and have purchased plywood for a new baffle though I have yet to install it. It will...
  23. Marky D.

    Hand wiring a Fender Bassman '59

    I put a Hoffman turret board in my early 90s resulted in a much quieter and easier to maintain amp. Totally, it's better after the mod, but not not hugely so. It's a fun project if you you're into amp mods and repairs.. if not, I'd leave it alone. It may effect the resale value of the...
  24. Marky D.

    Should I or Shouldn't I?

    special 130 I agree with Henry.. Special 130's work well. I am a vintage Fender/ Marshall snob but have found that a tele, OD pedal, and a Special 130 is a great setup to achieve required headroom at a jam on an un-miked stage. I think its the parametric eq ...darned if I can't get I nice...
  25. Marky D.

    Best Speaker For Tweed 5E3 Style Amp

    I'm using a G12H30 anniversary in my Fender '57 reissue.. sounds good! I find it more gig-worthy for my style than the stock alnico. Nice and loud - I get most of my drive & fuzz from pedals.

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