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    Running both channels of a Twin Reverb simultaneously

    Did you try putting the LP's into the secondary inputs on the amp, that are slightly attenuated?. I know I often forget to try this, but some people always use that input for humbucker'd guitars. I don't know if that would help with a wet/dry setup, but it might be worth a try. Al
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    When to recone cts alnicos in a super reverb

    Weber Speakers might be another good place to recone those CTS speakers, since they also make clones of those. Al
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    Help! Output Issue - Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

    Glad you fixed your problem, but just wanted to say you are not liable to hurt yourself in just changing tubes in an amp, without removing the chassis. People have been doing that forever. I know that these days the manufacturers are trying to scare people away from doing any amp maintenance at...
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    Three saddle bridges for bullet Telecaster

    You might be able to use a drill press if you clamp the plate to a wood block that fits inside the top of the plate, which itself is clamped to the base of the press. You could then drill through the back of the plate and into the wood block to drill the holes. Possible if you have the right...
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    Blues Jr. / 12AX7A vs. 12AX7 replacements?

    Isn't the EH-12AX7 a Russian tube?. Also the Sovtek 12AX7WB previously mentioned is for sure a Russian tube. I know New Sensor distributes some Chinese tubes, but I'm not sure if they sell them under the EH label. Al
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    Tube Quality? Are tubes consistently 'good' or 'bad ' according to brand?

    Their tubes are regular current production that they test and supply to specs that makes them work in Mesa amps that have no adjustable bias. Still, they are tested tubes and can be used in other amps too. I have three pairs of MB labeled RFT/Siemens EL34's that I keep to use in my Marshall...
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    Three saddle bridges for bullet Telecaster

    If it has three mounting holes instead of the usual four, maybe this would fit: You'd have to check the specs to make sure, of course. Al
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    Blues Jr. / 12AX7A vs. 12AX7 replacements?

    -S: Slovakia (JJ) -R: Russia -C: China Al
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    Tube swap on a fender blues deluxe reissue 40w?

    I am skeptical that Fender put a 12AT7 in the V1 position, that's a driver tube and any tube amp tech I've ever heard talk about this would say it's not a good tube to use in a gain position. In the vid in the link, George just says they changed "the tube" but doesn't say which one. I also...
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    Oversized Amp knob Trick

    You can get Alpha pots with either metric 6mm shafts or standard 1/4" (6.3mm) shafts. You're putting standard knobs on metric shafts. As long as the fix works, I'd say you're OK. Al
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    Fender Super Amp 4x10...Thoughts/Lore?

    That amp is the next in line after the Super 60 series, my brother had the 1-12 version, which was similar to the Super 60 amps but had a bigger cab. They changed from the smaller red, then black knobs to the full size Fender knobs and the vintage cosmetics, but I'm pretty sure it's a...
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    EP-booster vs. MXR micro amp (allways on) into Vox style amp?

    If you're using the Micro Amp as an "always on" boost, it doesn't matter that it isn't true bypass, because when it's on it is a buffered signal. The true bypass only comes into play when the pedal is off. Al
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    Any clue where this Celestion G12T-75 was manufactured?

    Is there a white sticker on the side of the magnet?. If so, it may say where it was made. If it doesn't, but has a "50" number on it, I've been told that also means Chinese-made. Al
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    Blues Junior Power Tubes

    I haven't heard any feedback on them yet, but Tungsol has a new 7189-spec tube that takes more voltage, at least on paper it sounds like it would be perfect for those amps that put stress on the EL84's. As I said, though, haven't heard anything about their sound or longevity. Al
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    66 Tele pickup

    I think the reason for the unpotted pickups at that time has to do with the famous story of a new CBS employee who made a purchase of wire for the pickups that had the wrong coating, because it was cheap. A long time employee said it wouldn't work, as I recall it was because the coating would...

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