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    Ben-Hur, movie character: bilateral symmetry, joint pain

    I have the book . Anyone want it?
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    Embarrassingly Simple Computer Question...

    OP. Are you using AOL?
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    Rest in Peace Fred Ward

    Just watched Miami Blues when he was in his prime. RIP
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    Embarrassingly Simple Computer Question...

    If you're still on AOL probably not. They don't make improvements anymore and could care less.
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    Mark Knopfler Back in the Studio

    Looks like the old gang is back together. Let's see what they can come up with. The last couple solo albums didn't really do anything for me.
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    Best Dark Sounding Amp?

    I play mostly Fender amps but I find the tone with the original Jensen speakers to be ice picky. I solved the problem by putting in Creamback speakers. However I'm wondering what amps come originally with a darker sound? I'm willing to consider a boutique amp if that's what it takes. Any...
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    Kentucky Derby tomorrow 5/7/22

    That was incredible. A lot of people lost a ton of money which kind of sucks.
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    Just bought a vinyl copy of Led Zep's Presence

    Some young people might discover Zeppelin but they'll probably never buy the whole catalog like people who grew up listening to Zep. I hate those videos when someone is shown an old artist like Zep and they're amazed at how good it sounds. It's like you mean Bruno Mars is no good? I never knew.
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    Any good horror movies on Prime or Netflix this month?

    Midsommar is kind of like Wicker Man. Lots of crazy people and crazy deaths.
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    Who else is a member at other forums?

    They have a logo that pops up every time I log in that says my ban is imminent.
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    Ever had a guitar that a friend labelled as unplayable?

    I bought a Clapton strat off CL in the backwoods of KY. The whole family was in the living room when I bought the guitar and the father stood up and said he couldn't play that guitar, his son couldn't play it and I probably wouldn't be able to play it either. A setup did the trick and now it's...
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    Team Johnny Depp

    She didn't like him because he was a fat old man who just wanted to play guitar with his friends. If that don't make your blood boil......
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    The ABC Movie of the Week Memory Thread!

    I remember when they had a good movie on TV you had to make sure you watched it because it wasn't going to be on again. Now we have Shawshank on 100,000 times in case anyone missed it.
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    Credit card Thief buys 10 Les Pauls

    Very common. An elderly person gives a credit card to a young female friend of the family to go next door to the Dollar store with the card. She writes down all the numbers and then maxes it out online. Elderly friend won't prosecute.

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