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    Show me your Lotuses

    I bought 2 Lotus guitars back in the early 90's. One was a Silverburst LP with Dimarzio HB's(PAF - Super Distortion combo). The other was a Red V that someone butchered and was a sweet deal at 20 dollars, I got the neck for a build I was working on and still have the 2 HB's that sound...
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    14-year-old wants practice amp. What's good? Yamaha THR vs. Boss Dual Cube vs. what else?

    All the Boss/Roland Cube amps are great and have headphone jacks. Checking the local pawnshops can be great.
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    Pickguard on or off!

    Some just look better without and yours is one of them. A clear guard would be nice.
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    Another Unpopular Opinion

    Never cared for them, even when I was out of it.
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    single pickup guitar: pickup location !

    My opinion is that a pickup in the middle position with a volume and tone, can easily mimic a neck position or bridge position sound and better than a neck alone or bridge alone pickup trying to mimic other positions.
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    "Bullet Train to Monaco"

    That was really good.
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    Tesla cancels the CyberTruck!

    My thoughts exactly, looked like something from a 70's TV Sci-Fi.
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    Duncan 1/4 Pound Pick-ups

    I bought the quarter pound pbass pickups and had to dip them in wax to tame them enough for decent usage. Guess they are all un - potted.
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    3-D printed full neck pocket shims - viable solution?

    Thanks, good to know.
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    3-D printed full neck pocket shims - viable solution?

    Only thing with this is I can't cut any shim under 1 degree.
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    3-D printed full neck pocket shims - viable solution?

    I like the full pocket wedge approach as compared to a piece of cardboard, but the SM price adds up with shipping cost for a couple wood wafers. I cut my own now on my miter saw.
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    Middle pickup alone has no hum

    That was my reaction too when I stumbled across the aluminum and no noise.:lol:
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    Yes, spend all your money on guitars so you have nothing left.😆
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    Because they were made for the semi-hollow body instead of the solid body. Jazzy tone.
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    Wolfgang Van Halen likes them, he has a 3 color burst one and a natural finish one. I don't care for the funky headstock, I like the Strat shape on the old ones.