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    Would you buy the same exact Tele in a different color?

    Exactly ! Back in the day if you bought a new Tele , the only choice you had was color , and sometimes stores didn't even have that option . Rarely you might find one with a Bigsby . Or , an Esquire like telemnemonics said . I have 6 Esquires myself , not bragging , I just love them and no ...
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    I'm in the P90 camp . Two of my favorites are my Reverend Sensei Jr , and I have an Epi ES339 with P90s .
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    Just sitting there eating a sandwich……..

    Squier Esquire !! that's like a tongue twister , say it quickly 4 times ! Cool guitar though , Esquires have been my fave for decades , got my first in 1969 ! Congrats !
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    Princeton vs Vibrolux vs Super, when mic'ed

    To me , NOTHING sounds like a Super Reverb .
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Ummm ...sorry , not diggin' it , I'm for traditional looks .
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    Got my tax return and just got GAS

    I haven't got a refund in probably 15 years . Uncle Sam loves me ! But on my birthday last month I got a settlement check for a class action lawsuit with my old employer . Good chunk of cash so I bought a '62 reissue SG Special I had been eyeballing for a month or so . It was perfect timing ...
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    What are some of your memorable live Telecaster performances ?

    Wow , thanks , never seen this vid . Very powerful performance , it gave me new respect for this man .
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    Bassman question

    Yes they are ! Since I got it serviced it's been my favorite amp , now it'll be going strong for years to come !
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    1961 Bassman circuit identification?

    Very interesting ! I have a '61 Bassman head like this I bought in 1980 and had left it in storage up until early this year when I decided to take it to a tech to make sure it is playable . The tube chart in mine said 6G6 with an A handwritten in . It has the GZ34 rectifier and was determined...
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    What countries and/or states have you lived in?

    U.S.A. California Brief stay in Idaho many years ago . California is not the golden state it once was , politics have ruined it .
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    Guitar String Waste

    That would cost them more money and trouble in regards to inventory control .
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    Music Man Amps

    All true , to me Eric seemed more fluid and sometimes Robbie looked like he was fighting it . I've just been a fan of Clapton's since the Bluesbreakers days . You're right , no real point . Cheers !
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    Music Man Amps

    I have a 212HD 130 I bought new in 1976 , has the phase inverter tube . I gigged with it into the middle '80s . Then I downsized and got a 112RD 50 which I still have too . Nothing moved air like that 130 to me .
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    Music Man Amps

    I've never heard anything Robby played that Eric couldn't top .