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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Ordered a plunger router attachment for my Dremel so I can get this 4 way switch to fit. It's just about 1mm too shallow.
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    The Fender Esquire: A Short History by five watt world

    I've watched the entire collection multiple times. If I need something to watch, my go-to is "A Short History of... Anything." Lol. It never gets old and I end up relearning things I learned and then forgot I knew lol. Pretty sure Keith posts/has posted here @fivewattworld
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    The Fender Esquire: A Short History by five watt world

    Wooo! It's my man, Keith! I meant to watch this earlier. May try my T as an Esquire at some point.
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    4 way wiring help

    Looks like we're all doing 4 ways. Nice. I did mine around 7 hours ago. Got done and had no sound at all. I forgot to solder the output jack hot wire to the switch! Lol I'll try to help if I can. I used a different diagram, though, since I separated the ground wire on the bridge instead of the...
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    Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor has stage 4 prostate cancer.

    Edited: nevermind. What I originally posted has got to be BS so I'm not going to spread stuff that isn't true.
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    Squier Bullet Tele neck grounding for 4 way switch

    No, I hadn't at that point. Just got it all working a few minutes ago. I actually got done about 2 hrs ago but I had no sound. So I put the guitar up for a bit and was going to look at it in the morning. Well something told me to go over the wiring real quick so I did. As soon as I laid the...
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    Large serpentine belt wheel/ pulley

    Automotive crank, pulleys are usually around 8 to 10 inches. You'd have to find the right one. Supercharger pullies can get up to 8 inches and larger, also. They use a few different serpentine belt widths so you have to make sure you get the right one.
  8. Wound_Up Tele fell face down!

    You have my initials. Nice. I had that happen with my Goldtop. The new style Schaller strap lock button with the built in screw unscrewed itself and I just happened to grab the guitar right as the strap let go so I avoided any damage since it didn't hit the floor. Talk about shocked!
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    John Bohlinger's Les Paul W/B-Bender

    I had a feeling that's what it was. Something he and I share. I buried my daughter and only child in 2014. Worst day of my life. Thank you for sharing this. Reading that Is like reading about myself. Wow. I know of each and everything he's posted about in that blog, having experienced it all...
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    John Bohlinger's Les Paul W/B-Bender

    He talks about it and shows it in this vid
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    John Bohlinger's Les Paul W/B-Bender

    What happened to John? I tried to Google but found nothing. Thank you.
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    James Burton has kidney cancer!?!

    I'm from Shreveport, also. I had no idea he fell on Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing. I had been keeping up with everything going on, I thought.
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    Talking to People with a Slang Fetish?

    Why? Because slang is just like any language. Just because you don't speak it doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Oh but you speak Spanish/French/etc...? Why even talk at all? It's the exact same principle. Being from Louisiana myself, I doubt I'd have any problem understanding them unless...
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    How does alcoholism kill people

    In case anyone hasnt specifically stated it, alcoholism itself doesn't kill people. Its the effects of alcoholism that kills people. Liver shutting down. DT's aka tremors. Possibility of stroke increases substantially. Allllllll sorts of problems. A few minutes on your favorite search engine...
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    Is it just me? Or do you do it, too?

    It seems that every time we have a guitar giveaway here, we get PM's from an admin advertising the giveaway. It never fails. EVERY SINGLE TIME, for a split second I wonder "OMG! What did I say??? Crap!" when I see the "admin1" tag or whoever it is 🤣🤣🤣 Am I the only one? It wouldn't surprise...

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