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    "Easy" Like Sunday Morning - The Lead Tone

    Excellent song and solo, I even like FNM’s version.
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    R.I.P. Keith Levene

    Sad day indeed, RIP.
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    Tim v3

    First off HNPD! That’s exactly how I remember V1 was. I no longer own it, YMMV.
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    Pedalboard Power Supply Suggestions?

    Yep guilty party.
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    Fuzz is my buzz. Love it or hate it, it’s the tone that had me at “hello” when my cousin bought a NYC Big Muff in ‘84 and showed me how cool it sounded. After a long and tumultuous journey (many many moons have since passed) I believe I’ve settled on a few that sounds killer with my set up. FWIW...
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    My List of "Go To" Boutique Effect Pedal Builders'

    Zvex Foxrox Caroline AMpT Basic Audio CMATMODS Past FX R Weaver FX Keeley
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    What's the choice for pedal power supplies

    Mines starting to fail, couple of ports don’t work, I’m in the market for a new power supply.
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    Earthquaker Devices Sunn Life Pedal V3

    Cool pedal, I will get one eventually.
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    Pedalboard Power Supply Suggestions?

    Voodoo Labs PP2+
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    5 Pedals You'll Never Sell

    Echo Fix EF-X2 (RE-201 on steroids) Zvex “Cat Fink” Reverse Spam Can FF7 (1 of 1 Custom) Keeley Fuzz Bender (hands down my favorite fuzz) DOD Rubberneck (bested Every other delay I’ve owned) Past FX Elastic Mattress (It’s that good) I could add a few more but for some reason OP only decided on...
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    DER RAT KELLER Rat and Rat clone owners den.

    It’s a great sounding Rat, my only complaint about is that it’s not big and bulky and hard to fit on my pedal board. I ended up selling mine because I could get the same tone out of my CMATMODS Ratified which is pedal board friendly.
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    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Infidel! Reported.
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    Still loving the DOD Carcosa

    I love my Carcosa, it’s a modern day classic (rubberneck too) IMHO. I’ve been ahold out from buying the Demhe do to possible overlap with the Carcosa.
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    Great deal on one of the best delays ever

    It’s a classic digital delay for a reason, great score! Enjoy!
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    Favourite big pedals?

    For the price, $85 used, I couldn’t pass it up even though I own the EHX Green Russian RI also. It’s different enough to keep with the ability to use a expression pedal and Tone Wicker switch is well worth the price of admission for me.