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    Break-up songs

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
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    PSA - MF Stupid Deal of the Day (G&L Content)

    It’s no Yorba Linda 😂
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    Anti-GAS, Sold Guitar Day!

    I did sell my Gibson LP yet I’ve got three others I rarely play. One was a gift so can’t sell it and it would be rude to give it back. The other two are each beautiful and kind of special but really no reason to keep them. So I’ll pick one to sell and decide on the other later. I really just...
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    Piano Leg Repair Help

    As a former piano tuner-technician I would not even try to fix it but just get new legs. Unless it’s a spinet, chances are the legs are decorative more that weight bearing. If the legs have casters on them then they are weight bearing. New legs can be ordered from supply houses but you can...
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    Cast off 1952 Telecaster nearly got trashed.

    Dang house flippers. Got lucky. At least it was saved.
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    Reverb pedal for 70's Vibro Champ

    Boss FRV-1. Pretty convincing
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    1957 NOS custom shop

    Go elsewhere. Especially if they won’t move on the other gear on your list.
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    HYH Sues over Copyright

    An obscure band suing their way deeper into obscurity. The public will decide but you can help them by making asses of yourself. I’m sure this is the first and last I will ever hear of this sh—- band.
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    Figure skating should be removed from the Olympics

    Skating and gymnastics are the two most corrupt sports in the Olympics. Sitting one and two degrees of separation from Olympic gymnastics since the 1970s I have first hand observations of corruption and favoritism at all levels. The USA Gymnastics governing body should be abolished and a new...
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    HYH Sues over Copyright

    Sounds like some Pink Floyd DSOTM ripoffs in there. Not to mention The Animals themselves with the organ solo. And probably a half dozen more if one wanted to do the research.
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    Sales & Stupid Deal at Musicians Friend FSR Martin D-18, D-28 & HD-28

    Maybe the M&T neck won’t need resets as often as the lauded hand fitted dovetail?
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    Am I the first? Fire at Fender Ensenada Plant

    Subliminal advertising.
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    Grinding at the Rumor Mill: American Original replacement

    MBA mentality. The root of America’s decline; started in the 1970s.
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    HYH Sues over Copyright

    NBC has a well funded legal department. If anyone knows licensing it’s NBC/Universal. This band has a steep uphill fight here. The group would have to sue the event organizers and every broadcaster of the event around the world. Add in that China probably doesn’t recognize the IP rights in...
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    Fender FSR 72 Telecaster Custom Sunset Trans orange.

    My 2011 FSR Blacktop HH Tele is transparent orange over ash. You might look for a ‘72 from that timeframe.