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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    The picture's from a Disney promo:
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    Short tip soldering iron?

    Try JBC or Pace
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    McCartney's 1960 LH LP Burst, or his legendary Hofner Violin Bass?

    Don't underestimate McCartney's provenance, I've seen guitars Paul rented for a session go for $50,000 at auction. If it was a guitar oriented auction I would lean towards the burst, but if it was a memorabilia oriented auction I would lean to the bass. The Rick and the casino would fall really...
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    Guitar Shop photo mystery ???

    We used to have a store like that in Toronto called the Millwheel. All I know is I would be happy to pay that man what ever he wanted for the burst and the Jr's
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    Maximum length for speaker wire?

    If you're curious you can run the calculations here, but 30 feet at 10 gauge will result in a power loss of .28db vs 30 feet at 14 gauge which is a power loss of .63db. Neither will be audible and neither will affect the amp negatively. Total resistance of 14 gauge is .15 ohms and 10 is .06 for...
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Bishop started with Paul as a duo, then they formed the band. He played with him up until 68. That's him in the picture with the 335. Kooper was never in the band.
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    That's Ivory Joe Hunter on the end not Willie.
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    Guitar crystal ball

    Modulus Graphite has been making Carbon fiber necks since 78 and Rainsong has been making carbon fiber acoustics since 1982. None of this is new.
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    Guitar crystal ball

    Fiberglass, Acrylic, Aluminum even the hybrid sonex guitars from Gibson have all been done before and never been successful. Wood is cheap, plentiful and renewable and not reliant on fossil fuels. It's easy to machine, and doesn't have any of the problems inherit in materials like aluminum or...
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    What/when is this Tele??

    Take the neck off the guitar, there should be a stamp with the model number on the heel.
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    Minecraft: Good or bad?

    Except that it is. In fact there is a whole curriculum built around minecraft.

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