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    Hello All

    Welcome !
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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Never say never ! ;)
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Nirvana - Nevermind Clapton - MTV Unplugged Franck Sinatra - Live at the Sand The Exploited - Beat the Bastards Jimi Hendrix Expérience - Axis Bold As Love
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    What is Telecaster Tone?

    Because I come from a country where no one (or almost) listens Country Music and where everyone finds it ultra old-fashioned and ridiculous, I will never think of this style to talk about the Telecaster. 😜 When I describe it sound to an "uneducated" (😁), I say that's the sound of Tom Morello...
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    Which Les Paul Gold Top

    Hi, I'm in Europe too (France) and I just bought 15 days ago a Gibson Les PAul Standard 50's. I hesitated for a long time between Goldtop and Tobacco Burst but I finally set my sights on the TB. I already have a 1992 Les Paul Studio with a superb ebony fingerboard and an incredible quality of...
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    Vale Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)

    Too young .. that's so sad. RIP Taylor Hawkins. PS : he was also alanis morissette's drummer
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    Looking for cheap Tele, Squier vs. Glarry

    A Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster if you can, and the 60's Custom one if you can (easier neck I found). ;) I got a American Deluxe Telecaster but the quality and comfort were so impressive for this price that I bought a first one for my second home... then finally a second one for my home. 😅...
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    Modified Sienna Burst Player Telecaster

    Nice result ! And I allways prefer the white pickguard ;)
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    Oh for those with too much coin

    I’de like a Fender CS John5 Telecaster .. but I think I’ll never spend more than 2500€ (3000$) in a guitar, even a new one.
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    hello from Los Angeles

    Hi and welcome Conquistador. To me the only « no fancy guitar » is the classical butterscotch Telecaster. Active pickups ... it's already fancy ! 😜
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    What's your opinion on sparkly Telecasters?

    So classy Dick Dale !
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    NGD: Ltd Edition Performer Tele - Ash body, Blackguard looks, Humbucker, Maple neck

    So nice ! Congrats ! And off course a good choice (HS) Je m'y étais intéressé il y a quelques jours, lorsqu'elle avait subi une jolie réduc', mais déjà je n'aime pas trop acheté un instrument sur le net, et surtout les photos du site montrent un manche erable hyper "clair", presque blanc, ce...
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    NGD: American Professional II Telecaster

    Really a good choice ! Nice look ! Congrats !
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    What's your opinion on sparkly Telecasters?

    Hi everyone, I'm not a huge fan of sparkles things but my Number One, also my very first guitar, is a (bit)sparkle tele : And I also have a sparkled Sire S7, a Super Strat. (the foto was made in my local store when I bought it by a pro, but it's really the one I got)
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    REDRAW! 2021 Drawing Winner: American Ultra Luxe Telecaster® - Transparent Surf Green

    Maybe he should introduce himself first, right? :D

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