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    Wagon Wheel: Love it or Hate it?

    I absolutely hate the song, on the level of Creed and that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song to me.
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    Going crazy, do all delay pedals sound underwater?

    I prefer a delay pedal with independent level controls for dry signal and wet signal, or mix. I have some delays with only a mix control, and when you turn up the delay the dry part of your signal gets a little lost. I use the Cusack Tap-a-Delay that has level and mix controls.
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    MSRP, rant

    Every retailer does this, not just Sweetwater, and not just music instruments. The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is from Marshall not Sweetwater. Your criticism of Sweetwater in particular is unfounded.
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    Suggestions for a Multi-Modulation Pedal

    Maybe not user friendly enough for you - modes are toggled by rotary switches - and expensive, but I've been GASsing for the Keeley Super Mod Workstation personally
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    16 ohm speakers in a 8 ohm amp?

    This has been hashed and re-hashed a hundred thousand times on TDPRI. Listen to @Wally - but since that's just my opinion, YMMV. :) But Wally is right. In my opinion. Also - personally, I'd just seek some 8 ohm speakers to make the correct match for the amp to sound best.
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    Strat Tone Control(s) Questions

    That strat is wired with the so-called '50's wiring mod' which I personally like. It has no tone control for the middle pup. To add that to the neck pup tone pot, connect the black dot on the only unused switch terminal to the red wire next to it going to the neck tone pot.
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    What is "cut" in cut time?

    "Cut" time refers to when you "cut" your losses trying to understand and just play the music :D
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    Heresy - I don't find amp tremolo better than pedal tremolo

    I have a small 20" by 9" pedal board with 10 pedals crammed on it. I appreciate being able to toggle reverb and tremolo with just a tiny footswitch - and it sounds great.. BTW< there is a tremolo on the board too, but it is usually set to "harmonic tremolo " cause it sounds so good, but also...
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    65 DRRI - polarity?

    Are you sure about that (underlined)? I thought the footswitch when "closed" grounds the reverb signal and the circuit is normally "open" OP is unclear, but you definitely need a 'latching' footswitch which on that site is called the "Dual Channel Basher" I think "OPEN" would be reverb...
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    Are Blacktop Tele humbuckers splittable?

    I took a Blacktop apart like 7 years ago - they weren't splittable then, just one hot conductor and a shield. I doubt they have been replaced with another model of pickup with 4 conductors.
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    Question for Fuzz Face experts

    "Project overview The Solaris Fuzz project is the ultimate clone of the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face, one of the most ubiquitous effects in the DIY and boutique effect landscape. While the original Fuzz Face is a very simple circuit, many modifications have been made in the nearly 50 years since it...
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    What sounds Rat-like but is the size of a common MXR pedal?
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    2 Wire to 3 Wire Conversion

    You do if one of the two wires is currently attached to ground.
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    replacing 5-hole pickguard w/ 8-hole on a Custom Shop tele-- would you dril the extra holes?

    You could cut the heads off 3 pickguard screws and super glue them to the holes in the pickguard before installing
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    How do you use your Klon (or klone)?

    After I decided to just turn up my amp, it has been keeping the other extra pedals in my drawer company

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