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    My apologies.

    I saw that thread, I don't think you did anything wrong. When you start a thread, you have no control over the direction it takes.
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    I'm so old...

    Yup! Back then we had current events.
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    Speeding behind cops

    Plus among other things, steel dashboards, no collapsing crumple zones or steering columns, and the big one, No Saftey Glass.
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    Lawn Mowers? Really

    I was thinking about a new, larger size mower earlier this year. Seems that simplicity no longer makes the legacy line, and john deere x7 series are in short supply.
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    Another curious idiom

    First I ever heard it was here
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    New(er) Harley Day!

    Good looking bike, congrats!
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    Screw it.....I'm goin for a ride....

    I understand your comment, but one doesn't exclude the other.
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    Screw it.....I'm goin for a ride....

    I'm certainly not going to hate on you. I say ride whatever puts your face in the wind.:) {edit}I've got one but it doesn't get ridden much anymore. Newer bikes (evo and later) require a lot less maintenance. There is a very good reason many shovelhead owners call them troubleheads!
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    My depressing open mic pity party.

    It seems to me that you've been thinking about this for some time, and the last open mic was the deciding factor. JMHO but if you're not enjoying playing live, why stress yourself out? I think we have quite a few members that only play for their own enjoyment, and have no interest in live...
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    Honey Bee

    Yup! Just take a lopper, cut it off and give it a good shake and over a new hive, and down they go. I have improvised by using a modified cardboard box to keep them temporarily. The picture you posted looks to me, to be a swarm that is in the process of relocating.
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    Honey Bee

    I suspect that you already know that those aren't honey bees, but bald faced hornets! 😀 Try cutting that nest down, and you will learn a lesson you'll never forget. Commercially produced queen bees are bred to be fairly docile, which produces fairly docile workers. Each generation of queen...
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    Honey Bee I did it for 3 years, quite some time ago. Bees are fascinating to observe. The for dummies book is a great start, I also recommend a class. The bee keepers that I have met were all friendly, very willing to help out a newbee. I...
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    Can't cough, laugh or take a deep breath - Guess what?

    Sorry to hear about this, but I'm glad your OK. Would you consider taking a Returning Rider Course?
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    Motorcyclists, bikers, and Harley enthusiasts, what do you think of this?

    I agree 100%. Two years ago I bought an 09 ultra to replace my 01 FLH. Big difference between the two. The 09 handles much better, and gets about 12 mpg more at hi way speeds, also a 6 gallon tank compared to 5 on the old one, so I can ride 200 miles without stopping. But it weighs about 60...
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    What Song Have You Performed Most Times In Your Career? How Many Times?

    Rockin in the Free World. Not on my favorite songs to listen to list, but it makes people dance, and smile, so I love to play it!