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    Australian fires

    This may help clear up the real reason we have been experiencing severe weather. I hadn't realised before that the two major drivers could synchronise to create extra dry or wet conditions.
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    Australian fires

    If anyone wants to move on from hand wringing and political point scoring and make a difference, you can go to the RSPCA and donate to help rescue animal victims of these fires.
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    Australian fires

    The main driver of the extreme conditions we have been experiencing is the Indian Ocean Dipole, a fact even the BBC could not deny. The combination of tinder dry conditions and high fuel load are what is driving this current crisis. The good news is the dipole is weakening and we may see a...
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    Blu ray is dead

    Someone gave us a BluRay disc as a gift, but you must need a special stylus or something ... it sounds terrible.
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    Australian Members Club

    First cool-ish day for weeks today, plus a little shower of rain. I heard we've had 47 or something straight days with temps over 30 until yesterday which was just over 29.
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    Did something I haven't been able to do in a Long Time!

    Intervention at Shusters place. Urgent!
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    I Was Just Down In The Basement When It Occurred To Me....

    This is perfectly normal. If you are wearing your underpants on your head at the same time, there could be a problem.
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    Recommend me a flavor of Linux

    I've got Linux Mint on my Mac. Haven't used it for music, but I can't see how any distro would be better than any other for music software.
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    We installed 6.5 kW of panels last June. So far, we've generated 7 MWh of which roughly 40% is used directly. Our main aim in installing solar was to offset the cost of running the air conditioning, but we also get a modest credit for the exported power. We have cut our power bill to about 40%...
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    NGD Relic Danny Gatton

    You need a twelve inch guitarist to go with that. Then you could get a 12" ... never mind.
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    Do you rhyme your lines?

    I don't try to rhyme, but I can't rest without that line.
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    Okay, so I love this

    Knew I'd seen that somewhere recently. Guitar makes an appearance about 0:35.
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    methods for writing originals

    True! There are two useful techniques. The first is not really technique, but habit. Get in the habit of starting writing, then persist in doing it, like Gene Fowler said ;) Once you've got started writing things, then theres the second technique which is editing. I think it was Ernest...
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    Made My First Corn Beef Brisket

    We slow cook ours, also called the crock pot. Simmered in a mixture of water, vinegar, sugar and herbs. Secret ingredient is about six cloves in the pot. Never tried it with beer, sounds good. We have it on sandwiches or you shred it and mix with mashed potatoes for corned beef mash. My...
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    I can definitely see this happening......

    His truck ran off with his smart TV :/