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    Help......ear worm!

    June 1971, sophomore year of high school. While walking in the hallway between classes, the TV theme from "The Adventures of Superman" played in my head. This lasted for one week. Then as mysteriously as it came, it left - finally leaving me in peace. Maddening :)
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    New CS Telecaster for your purview

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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    A hollow body with P90's.
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    - Your words to live by -

    Also saw this sticker on the back of an AC repair truck: "Just be nice".
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    - Your words to live by -

    Don't drive in reverse any further than absolutely necessary.
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    McCartney's 1960 LH LP Burst, or his legendary Hofner Violin Bass?

    What if the stolen '61 shows up the week after you buy the '63? Kind of like the 'last' Tom Brady TD ball :) I'd go with the '63 Hofner, still.
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    Greatings from south of France

    Welcome! Just returned from a trip to northern France, what a beautiful country!
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    Epi Casino

    My 2002 Elite Casino - there's a reason all three Beatles owned one
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    New Gibson SG - sixth time’s the charm

    Great looking guitar. IMO Gibson's best bang-for-the-buck guitar.
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    New book on Jimmy Wilsey out next month.

    "El Dorado" will always be in my play rotation.
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    The Sopranos' a renewed interest

    Absolutely the most real funniest moment of the series IMO. My wife and kids immediately said 'That's you dad!' when they first saw that scene. My wife and I have had the pulp discussion a few times.
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    The Sopranos' a renewed interest

    I'll binge it every 5 years. Every character and actor perfectly matched. It set the standard of what could be done for everything that came after.
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    The Big 4 Of The Greatest Songs Ever

    In my narrow world, 4 perfect songs/recordings In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (studio version) New Kid In Town I Feel Fine Rocket Man
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    MLB Opening Day

    I'd have to say this was Veecks worst innovation...