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    Dusty Springfield

    Is there a Dusty Google Doodle today, or are Google celebrating her in some other way? I'm just seeing the regular Google logo at .com and
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    In a Time Before Tuners...

    This is the actual tuning fork I used from the beginning. The idea of striking the fork then holding it against the guitar top with one hand while plucking the string with the other hand always struck me as a bit clunky. I used to just bite down on that ball end which made the note ring plenty...
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    I hate my laptop - esp battery management - suggestions?

    As a band-aid solution, you could supplement your internal battery with an external battery. I bought a TalentCell NB7101 (also available as the TalentCell Lithium ion Battery Pack NB7102 with USB-C) to use with my Positive Grid Spark. I also use it with my laptops as I did this morning when I...
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    Small acoustic?

    I would suggest not getting too caught up in the quality of the factory pickup as that will seriously limit your options. At the price level of a GS Mini (or similar competitor), you can easily put in something that's almost always better than what is offered by the manufacturer. A pickup like...
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    Your Top 3 favorite Bass guitar players

    That's going to be Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, and (surprise!) Bruce Foxton. Colin Moulding would be a close fourth.
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    David Bowie "Rebel Rebel"

    I had always enjoyed listening to Bowie before, but after I heard Rebel Rebel on the radio, I went out the next day and bought my first David Bowie album.
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    No one told me about this? Cane’s chicken fingers

    I first had it in an airport and was not impressed. Soon after, they opened one close to our house. My family took me kicking and screaming. Now it’s one of my go-to fast food places.
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    Fender Player HH Tele - humbuckers muddy / lack treble

    See my later post where Dylan gives advice to those on a limited budget that does not require buying new pickups.
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    Fender Player HH Tele - humbuckers muddy / lack treble

    Dylan's recommendations if you don't also replace the pickups: • Switch out the 250K pots for 500K • Switch out the 0.050uF capacitor for 0.047uF
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    Rickenbacker 330 build questions

    Hopefully this is usable.
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    Fender Player HH Tele - humbuckers muddy / lack treble

    Dylan Talks Tone did a deep dive on this a few years back.
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    5 new sounds from your strat with one switch? Yes please!

    I put one in my Strat, and it’s lots of fun. Probably the most useful of the new options for me is having all three pickups on at once. It’s great for strumming.
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    The coolest image of a guitarist in a recording studio?

    Maybe not the coolest, but absolutely my favorite.
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    Funniest TV Show Ever

    For me, Get Smart.
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    P90s to humbuckers

    You didn't happen to mention why you are looking to go from P90s to humbuckers. If it's the sound of a humbucker you're aiming for, then you have plenty of options above. If you like the sound of P90s but find them too noisy, the Fishman Gristle-Tones might be an interesting option, though...

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