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    Earthquaker Devices Sunn Life Pedal V3

    Got mine Saturday. It was the last one in the store.
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    Legit 2001 CS Nocaster?

    How does one not have the case and COA for a $4k plus guitar? Of course I'm assuming that was the purchase price because currently that is how much they go for new at Sweetwater.
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    Iridium Exploration

    Yes but you can also change the amp models as well. Your not stuck with what the Iridium comes with.
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    An Attempt at an Unbiased Comparison: UAD Dream 65 vs. Strymon Iridium

    Can you change the IRs in the Dream 65 like you can in the Iridium?
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    Iridium Exploration

    You can always change the IRs in the Iridium by using the impulse manager
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    Refurbishing guitar pedals in boxes for years.

    $700 in excellent condition which usually means mint, in the box, with all the paperwork. Basically never used. You can probably get $80 bucks for the wah but there is really nothing special about it. It has a Halo inductor and is basically a clone of the 1967 Vox wah.
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    Refurbishing guitar pedals in boxes for years.

    One recently sold on Reverb (9/2/2022) for $120.39 in mint condition.
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    The Boss ce-1 chorus ensemble serial number 1 on sale, price 1 million dollars.

    I wish Reverb (Etsy) would crack down on these ridiculous listings.
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    Foxgear Echosex Baby, 2, 3 and T7E Baby?

    Of course you can just get the Strymon Volante
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    Wiring the pedal board

    I use these with the Mogami W2314 Miniature Instrument Cable. I don't do a lot of soldering so mistakes have been made but I do find the plugs sturdy. You have to pay a little more for quality.
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    How much is too much?

    For some reason videos for the JAM Pedals Pink Flow appeared in my Youtube thread. For those who may not be familiar with the Pink Flow here's a link In most of the comments of the various videos there is the inevitable statement "this thing is way...
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    Kinda want an Organ Pedal

    Nope. You can find them under $200 if you look.
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    delay pedal, and compression pedal. Which order should i put them ?

    Depends on what you are trying to do.
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    Why do cover bands make money?

    Don't forget DJ night. Those guys literally "pump up the volume" and "da bass" so loud you might have to check your shorts.
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    Why do cover bands make money?

    corporations or businesses with deep pockets

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