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    Nitro finish, how would fix this (pics included)

    600? That may be the problem right there. Much too fine to cut anything back so you are not getting it level. The shiny spots need to dissapear, only then is the coating sanded level. Dont jump to such a fine grit before the sustrate is level. Took me years to appreciate that a penchant for...
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    allen key storage

    I drilled a hole in the back end of the handle on a very small flat head screwdriver and epoxied the straight part of the shank of an .050" allen wrench for MIA strat saddle height adjustment screws. the rest are in an Altoids box like other posters.
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    Has anyone ever seen the Pre-CBS Fender Factory setup specs for teles?

    Since that was before the Internet, there were no set "rules" for anyone to treat as gospel.
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    How fine should I sand…

    Along those lines, i reach for maroon (320) or grey (400) nylon abrasive pads (from Klingspoor, they're a quality alternative to Scotch Brite) when knocking off the fuzz. Depending on the species, I find that dye dissolved in alcohol can raise the grain just as much as if it's dissolved in...
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    1966 Precision Candy Apple Red: Should I spot clear coat (or other intervention)?

    My first thought was that the chips the OP noticed were from around the neck pocket when removing and replacing neck that doesn't fit properly, not just the chips on the horn.
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    Mixing Tints in Nitro (question about the tint solution)

    My understanding was that you already mixed the dye into alcohol and wanted to know if that mix could then be added to the lacquer to make your toner/shader coat and I believe that you should have no problem doing that. If you are starting fresh you should be able to put the dye into the...
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    Water base stain and lacquer

    Keep in mind that water soluble dyes also mix pretty well with alcohol. And often they're also soluble in lacquer thinner which can contain alcohol. So don't expect it to be "inert" just because it's dry. What you want to try is to mist on light coats of the next finish, whatever it is, so they...
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    Mixing Tints in Nitro (question about the tint solution)

    Did you ever do any spray tests with the dye diluted in alcohol, then mixed into the lacquer? I would actually think that this would help to disburse the dye better without it clumping up. Aside from test panels, which you are already smart enough to be doing, I would suggest that you let any...
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    Pickup route question

    If you aren't comfortable with matching the finish, it's a fool's errand to try to "match the grain" on a wood patch. Properly done you would rout out the bad job, make a perfectly fitting plug for the area you just routed, and then get to work re-routing a new pickup cavity. totally not worth...
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    Metal plate instead of ground wire?

    GibsonUSA (main production factory, not custom shop) uses a metal plate in Les Pauls - you could easily make one just make a template with your hole locations. No problem if you have long-shaft pots and switch.
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    Shellac as a tint/basecoat. Wondering where to go next...

    If you mixed it yourself, be sure that it's from a freshly opened can of denatured alcohol. Unfortunately the solvent is so hygroscopic (willing to mix with water) that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere as soon as the can is open, which can lead to the shellac being soft or tacky. If the...
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    Which onboard piezo preamp?

    Ok let me ask you a question (and yes, it'a sarcastic one): Do you think that acoustic guitars sound okay run through an electric guitar amplifier? If you say yes, then perhaps you should try one through a proper acoustic amp or DI to a PA. If you're still convinced that running a piezo into...
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    Split coil question.

    that depends on how many wires are coming off of the pickups. Sometimes they use a cable that just has an extra lead running to the junction between the two coils, and the switch shunts that to ground. Best bet is four-conductor shielded cable from the pickup to the controls but you don't alway...
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    Modern to vintage tuners ?

    wow I didn't know those "classic gear" tuners existed. Awhile back the only kluson style tuners with bolt bushings were from Tone Pros and they didn't make them for very long. But of course these new ones don't give you the satisfaction of getting all those little screws in the back without...
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    How concerned would you be?

    I wouldn't buy it without taking a good close look inside with a bore scope (Teslong USB camera, cheap on Amazon) because a hit like that quite often explodes the kerfed lining that holds the top to the rim. if that's wood binding, steaming out the dent would possibly cause more damage than...