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    Anybody else gig-less and seriously depressed?

    Moved 4 years ago, left two bands, my bluegrass band which I started and a outlaw country band where I picked tele. Thought it'd be easy to hook up and get something going. Well after a couple of year of nothing then Covid gave up. Most of the CL add respondents that did show up either played...
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    Meniere's Disease

    Ugh. Been dealing with dizzy, vertigo and wicked tinnitus for about 2 years. After a bunch of tests and MRI the diagnosis is Menier's. Don't know much about it. Dr says diuretics and low sodium diet to get rid of the fluid and relieve ear pressure. Says it usually will improve. Sure hope so...
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    Advice on complaining about music played in workplace?

    Bring your own speakers in and play Christian music or sermons. See if they complain.
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    Whats the best t style out there?

    Mario Martin puts out some nice stuff.
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    Bellbottom Blues, you made me cry

    Thorn Tree kills me every time.
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    Loan Consolidation....

    Dave Ramsey - Debt snowball approach.
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    WTF is with people at live shows?

    If I can't get front row balcony I don't go. Tired of watching a show through someone's phone screen. I am old.
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    CAGED system - what are the pros and cons?

    Triads for me, once I had these down, I went from being a "lick" player to a music player. I tried the scales and caged way, but it just never took, everything I played sounded the same. Everyone learns differently.
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    Victoria 5112 Speaker & Tubes Suggestions

    I have a Victoria Victorilux with 2 Tone Tubby Red Series in it. Sweet sounding amp, I do use an Exotic AC Boost for a bit of crunch.
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    When People Stop Learning.......

    My father-in-law who is 94, has his own YouTube channel, flies his drone and takes video then uploads to the channel. Writes his own programs for stuff like predicting sunspot activity, tracking calories/blood pressure, builds websites and can fix any computer issue. Me, well let's just say that...
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    Tuff Dog Tele: Real or fake?

    My cynical nature tells me that if a respected dealer is selling this at a "steal" price then they know more than what they are telling you. Nobody's giving away anything these days.
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Derek and the Dominoes Late for the Sky - Jackson Browne
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    It is my brother's fault

    I'm getting my first one ever in a couple of weeks. I told my wife to video the farting session afterwards.
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    Well, huh! Something weird is happening to my playing.

    Some of the best advice I ever got was from watching a Home Skoolin' video. Uncle Larry said to loop a progression and then play over it but close your eyes, don't look at the fingerboard just let your mind flow. I've been doing that for a couple of years now and am happy to say that I am no...
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    craigslist manners vs. backpedaling

    Someone did that to me recently, but I got the last laugh literally. They posted some gear at a decent price. I called and said I'd take it. We agreed to set up a meeting in the morning do the deal. When I called, he said that he had many offers since our last conversation and that he would need...