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    Pignose Amp Owners Club

    I have a 'leather pignose'. I was curious if the other variations have any differences outside of aesthetics.
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    Fender Blues Junior IV and LTD – is the amp different?

    There is a Tweed LTD fender that is still based on the III, there is the IV, then sweet water has a sweetwater exlusive tweed with a different speaker that is based on the IV
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    Boogie Lovers: Mark V 90W Combo vs Lone Star Special Combo

    Mark Vcan do 95% of what the lonestar can do. The lonestar can do 10% of what the Mark V can do. If what you want is mostly clean and blues. Either of them will do a great job. but the Mark V can do so much more.
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    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    In general there isn't a need for 'big amps' You can go to a stadium with a Princeton and be fine. Most places have PA systems. Usually can't turn up a 100w amp, and theres no point in using that much power to have it attenuated out.
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    Quilter Amp Club

    It's not for everyone man. I am glad you found something you like and enjoy though. I've been pretty saddened to see a lot of quilters main line stuff go from MIA to MIC. I won't be buying anything else from them.
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    Peavey Bandit 112: Teal Stripe or Silver Stripe?

    N Nice! so you side stepped the Bandit all together?
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    Peavey Bandit 112: Teal Stripe or Silver Stripe?

    So, resurrecting a dead thread :D what did you decide on?
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    Mesa Mark V cab - what amp chassis might fit?

    No worries. Sorry I did not come across this sooner.
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    Mesa Mark V cab - what amp chassis might fit?

    I have this exact amp without the amp in it. (Bought the combo and converted into a head) I can measure the dimensions for you if you like? Assuming you are still looking into it.
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    Quilter Amp Club

    I did a 2x12 siesmic empty cab and filled it w/ 2 16ohm Cannibis Rex speakers. Super smooth and clean and warm sounding with my toneblock. I usually keep the Master at around 5-20 and keep my gain about 40-60% depending on which neighbors are home. Glad you are happy with your setup!
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    Quilter Amp Club

    How'd it go? I've ran it through a 2x12 and 4x12 at the same time. It sounds HUGE!
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    New bike tires!

    This really makes me want to buy a bike. The last bike I got though was a a 6 speed 130USD bike from Academy sporting goods and I felt like I was going to die unless I was going downhill. Not sure if I am just extremely out of shape and fat (I am) Or just a cruddy bike Or both.
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    All my amps together for the first time in 8 years!

    Whats the Kustom amp? is it a SS beginer one? like a 5 or 10 watter?
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    New tubes needed?

    Ill get the canned air and contact cleaner after it.
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    New tubes needed?

    Yeah, so If I let it warm up for about 5 minutes, It wont power off and back on. But the tubes will still kinda pop, crackle and klink when i turn it off for like 5 minutes, in random intervals. I don't notice anything redplating back there. its just crazy. Otherwise still sounds good. no bad...