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    To take the gig or not?

    Not a chance...
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    Bought a 6 Sting Banjo, am I a bad person?

    Go find a video, description or discussion of her using one. Her musical history is reasonably well documented.
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    Bought a 6 Sting Banjo, am I a bad person?

    I doubt that Ms. Giddens ever had much to do with a six string banjo, and am just as sure that she never will.
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    Considering a Vintage HiFi System… Thoughts?

    Was that the female version?
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    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    That's why it makes a difference if a study is well designed, well excecuted, and paid for by an entity which has no stake in the outcome and/or findings & conclusions.
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    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    There are two types; those who can conjugate and those who can't.
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    Ebony fret board tuning issues

    Buzz Feiten? although I thought results were supposed to be more noticable on the B string...
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    Why do I keep falling for this?

    I loved the lil puncher as well. Not trusting them for anything made of wood though. Ever.
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    Why do I keep falling for this?

    Dear God!!!
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    LP #2 - Here We Go Again - "The Keeper"

    5 piece necks are the shizzle, not crazy about volutes; scarf joints work on all sorts of instruments without the "failure at the nut" factor.
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    Starting Les Paul Style guitar build.

    I believe Heritage made an Anniversary (carved top) LP model that was thinner (and lighter).
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    Lucky Man cover on Emerald 12 string baritone bass

    Wow. That's really something.
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    ESP EC-254 opinion/evaluation

    I'm thinking about an EC-254, anyone who is familiar I would welcome your input, especially weight, neck contour and neck dive. I played one very briefly many years and can only remember that the neck seemed thin, it waslighter tan my Les Paul, and it was pretty.
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    Ever see a favorite artist perform in a bar?

    Dan Hicks and John Prine at the Tralf in Buffalo, and Dan Hicks at the Cotton Club in Atlanta. Col. Bruce & company at the The Point or the Little 5 Points pub, can't recall which.