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    NGD! Fender Deluxe Blackout Telecaster

    Wow NGD very rare ones, are beasts, have one, when i bouhgt it was striped down and was all beaten the sh.....up first i change the bridge, an then tinted up the wood, twisted all the cables, made David gilmour 7 sound strat wiring, and a propper shielding, intonation, fret leveling, adjust the...
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    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    ICS1914**** sorry for the delay!
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    Anyone with review of CV 70s Thinline

    I have one, my 2 cents
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    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    I like it so much, for the price range a squier branded its a good different instrument, i found that the switch selector cap is metal, so i think you get a well medium electronics and hardware, Next step. I want te butterscotch affinity tele, the new string through mii and then i Will go for an...
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    Hello from stir crazy in Michigan

    Welcome sir! To tdpri from Spain, we need pics!
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    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    When i bought it i did my research about it and i thought, it will be coming with the g&b thing. But no... no brand and a little Sticker with a code. They sound very good and yes 300$ or more for a good old school CuNiFe. Its too much for me now.I remeber whe squiers where chinese and very...
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    Hi from a old guy

    Never its to late! Welcome
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    New guy.

    Thats very nice one, is top laser or st? Because the new mii ones are st. I think, the body is more thin than a standard one. Welcome to tdpri
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    Hey! Long time lurker, first time poster

    Welcome bro, do you like the mim one, im a huge fan of mims!
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    New member, long time Tele player

    Hello, welcome! Photos pleaseee
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    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    Wow its very beautiful too i like it, you have in there the fender wrhb, nice. This comes with squier branded. But let me tell you, they sound very great, the people complain like they are normal humbuckers stuffed with wax bla bla. But to my ears they have something different in it, no old...
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    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    Thnxs bro its a Killer!!
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    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    Well here are all the images that i got, i forgot to take the switch one, its a pcb switch, but not fimsly like the 80s imports, i think its very sturdy. Mini alpha A500kohms pots no problem with that, i have an 1984 boss ce-2 pedal that has one inside. Works Like a charm. So i prefer to change...
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    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    Hahaha yes, from the first second when i placed the orden i wanted to mod all, now im just thinking in the nut to Correct it, and Leave all stock, i would give a try first and then i will mod the priorities if are any...

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