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    Boss IR-200 and audiophile DAC

    This is just an FYI - in case anyone else has the same question. I've recently invested in audiophile headphones and a DAC/amp stack (all Schiit: Modi, Magni, Loki) and I'm really enjoying it. I was hoping to pop the usb output of the IR-200 into the DAC, but the Modi won't recognize it. In...
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    Manual Can Opener

    That looks pretty nifty. I've used the industrial openers that clamp on the edge of a table (or countertop) but we have granite. And my wife would not approve. One of my best friends and I have a pact: if we ever find ourselves single at the same time, we are gonna build a house to share...
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    Manual Can Opener

    I've had good luck here. You guys have great ideas! @Stubee gave me the flashlight recommendation of a lifetime in this thread. Always worth poking around here to see what others are doing.
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    Manual Can Opener

    Interesting. I'm a recent SAK convert (after years of being down with the knife sickness) Do you use that for regular can opening in the kitchen? I've never tried mine, though it is on hip all day every day. I guess I just thought it would be too much trouble if I'm making something that...
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    Manual Can Opener

    Ha! Been there, done that.
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    Manual Can Opener

    Anyone have an opinion about the most durable and functional manual can opener currently on the market? Looking for a crank-style, kitchen gizmo. Not counter-mounted. and NOT the P38. I just ordered an EZ-DUZ-IT can opener on Amazon, but realized I should've looked here for advice first...
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    Minivan - the highest evolution of the automobile

    When I started this thread, I was looking for a replacement for my 2007 GC. I ended up with a Nissan Pathfinder. My then fiance (now wife) hated the idea of a minivan. Now we have a baby on the way - adding to my 6'3" tall 16 year old and 5' tall 3rd grader. I wish she'd reconsider. Going to...
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    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    Yep. This x10. I bet I didn't peek at the new posts more than three times last week. I miss you guys. I'm worried that I may be done with TDPRI. I'm at least I'm taking a break.
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    Temporary, energy-efficient wall ideas

    Not really. But it's a nice house and a nice garage. This isn't some detached shop: finished walls, nice big windows with custom blinds, etc. I really hate to scar anything any more than I have to. It'll make a nice room, but I'm pretty sure it'll be temporary (done with it after a few years).
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    Temporary, energy-efficient wall ideas

    I need to build a room in my garage. To be a separate living space and office. Doesn't have to be fancy or pretty. The ceilings in there are around 11' tall. I have two nice windows in the exterior wall I'd like to incorporate, which means I just need to build two walls. And a door :)...
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    Customer Service workers are people, too

    I spent the afternoon on the phone and online with a local cable/internet company. It was a huge pain. Very obvious that my business means very little to anyone there. Then, I heard a truck outside: A delivery driver in a big flatbed - the kind with the forklift hanging off the end - from a...
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    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    Only one way to find out. . .
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    Woo-hoo! Off work today...

    I bet she'd never forget that morning.
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    Piano Tuning as a career. . .

    TRUTH. There is no way I'd pursue owning a piano and certainly wouldn't invest in buying one. But this one is special. Has a great story behind it, reminds me of my grandma and my childhood, sounds familiar (and inspiring) in its own quirky way and my wife likes to play it. I'm grateful for...
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    I agree 100%