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    Back and forearm cut/relief w/jigsaw?

    I love all these ideas! I can definitely appreciate the ones where you’ve gotten by with what you have. Reminds me of when I added tuners to my old Gibson J50? The all mahogany counter part to that same size Gibson that came with a sunburst top, of which I can’t remember that model either. I...
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    Back and forearm cut/relief w/jigsaw?

    I don’t have one of those anymore. I thought I had picked up a 40 grit belt for my hand belt sander but all I’ve got is 80s and I don’t think I even would’ve attempted it with 40. I’ll keep my eyes open for another rasp when I hit the garage sales and weekend swap meets.
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    Back and forearm cut/relief w/jigsaw?

    Has anyone used a somewhat entry level jigsaw to cut the forearm and rear relief on a telecaster body? It’s my mahogany body mutt, which I’ve been playing and is pretty much finished but I’d like to lighten it up and make it more comfortable. I’ve always done that with a bandsaw before. I...
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    Who Works on Pedals?

    When we had our vintage store we had a guy that worked out of his home he was really good and for a few years even had a place set up at our store. Most places will have access to a repair guy and if they deal in a lot of used vintage stuff they almost certainly have to have access to a...
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    Rewire Re-Old-New Guitar day

    I finally got around to painting the second half of the pickguard-The part with the pots on it. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a Bigsby. The guitar is not light but not too heavy, I guess I put it at medium weight. If I did do a Bigsby I would cut an arm and stomach relief, both for...
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    Rewire Re-Old-New Guitar day

    I think I would like those but I’ve never seen anything advertised, are you just talking about slapping a resistor over a 500k to change the resistance?
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    2022 Guess What This Tool Does Thread

    Trust me I’ve been called much worse than a strange tool… i’ve even answered to a few of them.
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    Bantam ‘Bass’ guitar amp recap & add adjustable fixed bias

    It got put on the back burner but I got it all together-with about 118 V in and 6.3 on the heaters I was getting mid fives at the rectifier 434 V at the power tubes- 375.3 on my blue wire 375.8 on my brown, with 146.6 ohms and 129.7 respectively. I just dialed the pot in for the same amount of...
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    Add a bias balance pot to a 5f11

    I’m still trying to figure out if I like this or if it saddens me, but I’m laughing like heck.
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    Backing Track Challenge - 353 Hard Rock

    I was already putting/pushing like by the first couple bars-Love that outside stuff-do you go au natural or with a rain slicker? Ha. After that ending crescendo I was poised for another round…
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    Backing Track Challenge - 353 Hard Rock By the time I reached this age I thought I would be Bebop Larry, but I can't even get a good jazz tone. But I can meander and lollygag... And here... Blistering no, blustering most definitely yes! Tons of fun on an old Jackson. I...
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    Backing Track Challenge - 353 Hard Rock

    Jumping in there first and playing outside of your comfort zone… that spells home run to me.
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    Going to a Celebration of Life with some reservations

    Towards the last of your statement I’ve seen and heard this many times of people either falling hitting their head or whatever and then something worse emerges…. I’m waiting for that one story where somebody smacked their head and boom a great person emerges. If you could see me you’d know I...
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    Maybe there really is something strange going on in the world.

    The big bosses? I expected a kung fu movie!
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    Swamp Ash blank - thank you, Australian Customs!

    I remember back then a couple things-I was either in Long Beach or Orange County but visiting my cousin up in the rich hills of Mulholland Drive, I asked about white papers hanging in his outside trees… he told me they were fly traps from the county, I think that was back when the medflies were...