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    Single worst line of lyrics....

    "Glory glory glory somebody touched me Must have been the hand of the lord". I don't want to hurt anybodys religious feelings, but it was very odd when they sang this old spiritual in my local church, just a few weeks after the abuse scandal
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    Your best anti-hero

    Henry Chinaski
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    Seeing Emerson Lake and Palmer tomorrow night - Well one of them.

    No he is going to see Emerson Lake and Palmer minus Emerson and Lake It's so sad that we lost so many great musicians from the 60s and 70s. @Jim622: you are very lucky to see one of the most iconic drummers in rock history
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    What kind of Fuzz is this? Fuzz Face, Tone Bender?

    Thank you very much for your answers. Perhaps you are right and it is a Tonebender. Vox produced Tonebender pedals in Pescara in Italy during the late 60s and 70s. Or perhaps nightraven is right and it is a fuzz/wah. Jen also produced the Double Sound fuzz/wah in Pescara in the same period. I...
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    Built a Jazzmaster, not really liking it

    Perhaps you can install a hardtail bridge with a surround plate for an electric xii. Than you would have a lot of sustain
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    What kind of Fuzz is this? Fuzz Face, Tone Bender?

    Hello everyone, I am a big fan of instrumental music from the 70s. I was always wondering which kind of Fuzz has been used on this track. What do you think?
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    Best Cheap Les Paul Style Guitar

    I personally would get a Gretsch Jet and change the pickups to get a Les Paul sound. On the used market they are not much more expensive than Harley Benton. The quality is great and IMHO they have more mojo than a low end Les Paul copy
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    What is the Telecaster of Acoustics?

    I would take a Martin with a k&k pure mini and an EQ Pedal
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    Need Same Amp But Bigger

    The Dr. Z amps really sound great. Unfortunately because of the war in Ukrai e the "Z" has become a problematic symbol (at least here in Europe). What do you think? Would you gig with an amp with a big Z, which could be misunderstood as a symbol of support of the Russian military action in...
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    Your Top 3 favorite Bass guitar players

    Herbie Flowers (Serge gainsbourg Je t'aime; Lou Reed Walk on the wildside) Ladi Geisler (Bert Kaempfert knack bass) Carol Kaye
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    Why is "Vintage" defined as pre-1974 in this forum???

    IMHO the vintage era ended in 1982, when they stopped producing in Fullerton
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    Has anyone here done a great setup on an inexpensive guitar?

    I only made a bad setup on an expensive guitar
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    Your response to "What kind of music do you play?"

    I mostly play songs from the 60s and 70s , so my answer is always "Sh*tty boomer music"
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    Vox Pathfinder Owners

    I really love my Pathfinder 15r because - it sounds amazing - it has Reverb and Tremolo (which many other amps like the AC 10 don't have) - it has the classic vox look - it's sounds great at bedroom levels but is big enough for small gigs