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    NPD x 2: Footloose Effects

    I had never heard of Footloose Effects until last week when I stumbled on them in Reverb. Now I'm having fun with them today. I've played these these thru my Vox AC10 and '68 CDR with single coils and humbuckers. These are quality built and sound quite nice...keepers. TOTEM: Two 08 icons -...
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    NGD: Could it be I'm falling love?

    Thanks! The neck has a 14 inch radius and is a thin U-shape. Feels good in my large hands.
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    NGD: Could it be I'm falling love?

    Yes, it could just be. Just got this 2018 Schecter Spitfire yesterday. Tone...check. Playability...check. A sound I did not already have...check.
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    My old Marshall is coming home tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing the "rest of the story" around the amp. Sounds like you are winning on so many levels these days! Enjoy that Marshall :)
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    NPD: Chicago Stompworks Gray Speck

    I got the chance to play it thru my AVT50 Marshall with a Les Paul Standard, and here is what I found: Clean Channel - By itself, I find it better as a boost than an OD or Distortion. I've been using a Way Huge as an always on pedal, and it still trumps the Gray Speck in that role...
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    NPD: Chicago Stompworks Gray Speck

    It's called Anticipation...
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    NPD: Chicago Stompworks Gray Speck

    I could not resist just getting a 10 minute sneak preview. So over lunch i plugged just the pedal into my Vox AC10 set fairly clean (Vol at Noon, Gain at 9 o'clock), and played my G&L ASAT Classic thru it. I had the Volume (LOUD) at about 11 o'clock and the Gain (GRRR!) at 1 o'clock on the...
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    NPD: Chicago Stompworks Gray Speck

    Just got this in yesterday. I'm looking forward to a play through after work today. I'll post my impressions afterwords. Anyone else have or played thru this pedal?
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    I am thankful to have have eight really nice Teles. But for the past six years, my partscaster "Belle" has been my #1.
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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    Or the Quilter Aviator Cub UK for Marshall JMP and Vox tones. I'm loving mine...21 lbs, 50 watts that gets plenty loud.
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    Quilter Aviator?

    I recently started a post about the Cub UK. I am really enjoying this amp, and it sounds incredibly good at all speaker volume levels to me. I would be tempted to also get the Fender voiced Cub, but I can get close enough to those sounds by tweaking EQ. Hope you enjoy yours, @Bob M! My UK...
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    The Black Crowes - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    Charlie! The Black Crowes served as musical guests on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, offering a cover of The Temptations‘ “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”. The rendition is set to appear on the rock outfit’s upcoming 1972 EP, featuring covers of songs released in 1972. Playing alongside...
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    Build Your 5 Pedal Board

    This has been my favorite board for about 6 months now with my '68 CDR, BJ IV, Dallas 50 combo, Vox AC10.
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    My Take on DemonFX Pedals

    Did you get your DualGun?
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    My Take on DemonFX Pedals

    Hope you enjoy the Dual Gun as much as I do. I look forward to reading about your impressions. The SSS is a clone of the Vertex pedal of that name, and it is another quality built pedal. I don not use it for an OD, per se, although the Steel String side can get you into mild OD territory. I...