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  • Hey I haven't heard from you. Let me know how the guitar is doing, please. You said you got it from Craigslist, any other musical stuff from the same seller? I do wonder sometimes, even though at this juncture there is nothing to do but wonder.
    As far as the people I think took it I have no proof so I am just guessing. either way everything I owned and my son and G-mother's and Mom's stuff. all gone. Yea it sucks. I will get back to a good place soon though. Enjoy and keep us posted on the gits progress Later EYERISH
    I mean it I am cool with the loss of my stuff it was 4 and a half years ago. I have nothing now but hope to get back to playing again soon.
    I really want you to enjoy that guitar as it was meant to be played. Please send pics. I see it looks like you changed the neck. Did you?
    It's all good nothing I can do about it now. The people I believe that took my stuff are last named FREEMAN.
    Hey bud on one of your posts you asked if I was watching that you hoped the zebra/ash guitar body and neck weren't stolen. They were. ALL my stuff was stolen in September of 2012. Nothing I can do about it now. I hope you made a great guitar with that body and neck. I can tell you the neck was custom made for me by a builder from Ney York. The Neck I custom ordered from a builder in California..
    Hi great looking Palecaster, how many coats of clear did you put on before buffing ??
    Thanks !!
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