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    Anyone here been bitten by a venomous snake.

    My buddy and I would go snake hunting when we were kids. Flipping tin, etc. The only venomous snakes we ever saw were Copperheads and Cottonmouths...and we steered clear of them. At Boy Scout camp one time, I was called to dispatch a Rattler (the whole camp knew I liked snakes). It was just a...
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    What's Your Dream Guitar?

    Old friend's wife has a pre-ww2 Martin 00-18. That's the best sounding, easiest playing flatpickin' guitar I've ever played. I have all the parts to build a 00, including a pile of 1960s rosewood and some genuine Martin tops marked '1963', spruce rived in the same period, etc., etc. That will...
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    Never say my condolences again.

    My family doesn't do funerals. We don't have a service or anything. When my mother died, her best friend was angry with me for not having at least a gathering. I asked her if they'd talked about it...and she confirmed my mother's wishes...but said I should have a service anyway!
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    What’s in a name?

    After doing the Ancestry thing, I found my parents were 11th cousins. Their common ancestor was one of the founders of Newberry, MA in 1635. My best friend married a girl named Jeffrey. Her sister is Laurie...but they were introduced to me as Jeffery and Larry... Last little brother...
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    Mow your own lawn

    Two or three neighbors mow their own here...they're still in their 40s. I was fired from mowing the lawn. I always hated doing it. Miz Diane finally gave up and fired me...about 10 yrs ago. Nice not having to store a mower, gas, and all the rest. The service does a nice, quick, clean job and...
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    Mecum Auto Auction on tv now, i have a question for you??

    It seems that there's an auction on every week. I prefer Barrett-Jackson but I've been watching this bits. Yes, since Leo used automotive paints, any of the stuff you see would be viable, I think. I like some of the color-change stuff but wouldn't want to spray it!
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    Yes, if you have a're probably gonna have to let them go eventually. RIP Rocket, 2009ish-2022.

    Where we lived, there are rockets everywhere. Huntsville, AL "Rocket City", NASA, etc, etc. Funnily, we never even thought about the connections until after the fact. We didn't even think about the name pairing of "Skye" and "Rocket" until a couple weeks later. He was named on the way back from...
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    Yes, if you have a're probably gonna have to let them go eventually. RIP Rocket, 2009ish-2022.

    We got Rocket from a shelter in Fayetteville, TN back in 2009/2010 (can't recall). We were looking for a replacement for Jake, a jet-black GSD who passed due to DM. His girlfriend, Skye (Brittany mix) just went nuts with grief and could not stand being alone. So, we went looking for a boyfriend...
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    Had to have my truck towed last night

    This is why I have a '69 Chevy C10. I can solve nearly any issue with a hammer. :cool:
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    So many benefits to riding a bicycle......

    About to return to the fold. It will take a while to get my legs in shape, I haven't ridden in 3-4 yrs. Yah, BAS. I have 4 recumbents and a '74 Raleigh I resurrected into a flip-flop fixie/single. Back home, I had 10mi of beautifully paved MUT just a short walk down the street...and the city...
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Less and less. Like many, I grew up with one in my pocket. In today's world, I prefer not to carry one...and I'm sure I have a dozen strewn about in drawers and shelves. I use a box-cutter mostly now. One in the kitchen, one in the workshop. I carried a Pro-tech Newport for 20 yrs until I...
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    Acoustic archtop strings

    I have D'adario phosphor bronze extra lights (EJ15?) on my 1915 L-1. I use it for trad. country...Riley Puckett-style flatpickin', fiddle backup, etc.
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    I accidentally bought a trampoline

    My parents bought one for my little brother...but I got more use out of it. Neighbor girl was a gymnast and schooled me on 'how not to break your neck". Once I learned proper techniques, fun! Unfortunately she only liked me for the trampoline... Back then nobody considered the liabilities. She...
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    Ben-Hur, movie character: bilateral symmetry, joint pain

    Nobody died in the 1959 version...but it was a remake. The 1926 silent version...OMG. In the 20s, much less care was taken. The lead actor, Francis X. Bushman (playing Ben-Hur), related at least one death in that chariot race. Much of the actual carnage then has been carried forward in time to...
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    Old Fashioned drink recipe-do you have one?

    I found it in with the vermouths at Totalwine, therefore: vermouth!😁