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    Has anyone tried out this Bridge before?

    I've not tried the specific bridge. Based on others of a similar nature I've tried, I would expect to see a small improvement to sustain but also to lose some of the classic tele snap/twang. A bit of a warmer sound. The thin and plain ashtray bridge is still the one that works best for me.
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    Rack effects for classic country/rockabilly guitar recording mixing studio setup

    And I'd certainly echo, get a decent setup and practice a lot.
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    Rack effects for classic country/rockabilly guitar recording mixing studio setup

    On the compressor front, it seems you're mainly looking for something to go on the 2bus. For this reason I wouldn't prioritise tube - presumably you're looking for versatile, high quality and transparent rather than a heavy sonic character that will be on every track? API 2500 Elysia Mpressor...
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    Rack effects for classic country/rockabilly guitar recording mixing studio setup

    The echo you highlight is a digital unit. I'm a bit confused when you then say simple analog effects only.
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    Keith Richards' Micawber project

    What a great project, and a good looking piece of wood to work with. Are you going to relic it? All that wear between the neck humbucker and the strap button where he strums, is a bit much for me. But I look forward to seeing your project mature, good luck.
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    Based Strictly On Looks ..... Your Favorite Signature Telecaster.

    There are some stunning guitars in this thread, but I'm in one of those phases where I think, the best looking Tele is a blackguard. It's just the look that nails the utilitarian soul of the guitar. Original and best.
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    USA Tele’s and Strat’s vs made in other countries

    The workers in Indonesia are working more quickly and producing more guitars. The point is that the economics of the industry dictate they do not have time to focus on the differentiators of quality even though they are working as hard. A lot seem very enamoured of the theoretical argument...
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    USA Tele’s and Strat’s vs made in other countries

    Geography is irrelevant but the economics of the industry are very important. It was never my point that Americans are sole custodians of guitar luthiery mastery. My point equally applies to Japan for example.
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    USA Tele’s and Strat’s vs made in other countries

    A couple of points. First, contrary to the previous post, workers are not all capable of the same level of workmanship. They are shaped by the experience and knowledge they acquire over time. Even if you have access to the opportunity to become e.g. a Fender Masterbuilder, it takes many years...
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    IYO, are short scale Telecasters... worth it?

    I certainly don't mind shorter scale length, one of those things for me like fretboard radius that seems to be less of a deal to me than it is to some. It's a game of trade offs. I've got large hands and am happy enough with everything from a Jsg to a Strat/Tele. I wonder how big of a...
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    Got my Warmoth Yellow Tort guard, and it fits!

    Can feel the passion! Must say I prefer with the original pickguard personally but it's a beautiful colour and finish. What is it you like about the modern bridge? A little unusual to see nocaster pickups and that bridge style together... (not that it's bad in any way, it's an interesting...
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    Compression differences?

    I suggest to compare without a compressor in the chain. Remove the variables to understand how they really differ. If one guitar output is hotter than the other, you're likely hearing it hitting the compressor harder and thus compressing more. Adjust the threshold of the compressor to match...
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    Bajas ... what are they good for?

    I've played the 50s U but don't own one. The U/D shapes tend not to suit my hand and way of playing. I feel like I'm fighting the instrument a little bit more, especially playing thumb over. I can work with a but it's not my preference. The difference to the Baja is in the shoulders really...
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    Should I get a tele with humbuckers, or am I better of getting a Gibson ?

    A lot of people saying 'get the real deal' and/or a Tele with humbuckers isn't what the guitar does best.... I mean OK but: 1. Keith Richards' most famous guitar sounds pretty great to me. 2. The Tele Deluxe WRHB sound is a) genuinely different from Gibson/PAF-type humbuckers and b) a legit...
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    What to do about a listing for a tele that's probably stolen...

    This is nothing compared to the blatantly stolen/fake 60s strat I saw listed in Belfast a couple of months ago. This doesn't strike me as the kind of story an experienced criminal would come up with. It might be worth a check on serial number if you have it, but otherwise there's no evidence...