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    Do you have names for your guitars?

    Hi. I named one of my two Telecasters once, in jest. I couldn't remember anything other than that as I started typing this. But, I just did, and I also remembered why I named it. Because of TDPRI and (I think,) a similar thread. Terrapin Bob. But, I can't remember which one I gave the...
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    Hi. Well, I'm over you... Cos... About three days ago the site fed me a post you had written, and I got all excited. He's back! Then I realised somehow I'd landed on something about three years old. So, yeah, you made your big splash the other day, buster. Everything's calmed down around my...
  3. TokyoPortrait it "the best food?"

    Hi. I haven't read the whole thread, so maybe someone has mentioned this, but if you have a really hot pizza oven, like one of the Ooni / Uuni ones, you can sort of flash cook a bigger cut in a cast iron pan for, say, 30 - 45 seconds or so and it's ace. Pax/ Dean
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    Question about typical tele sounds

    Hi. Surprisingly tough question. I don’t know. I suspect folk are right when they say there’s a fair degree of variation across the range, over the years. I don’t know if I’m right, but my instinct / feeling is that other guitars *mostly / kinda* sound ‘variation of the same’ when you...
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    Mow your own lawn

    Hi. Folk don’t really have lawns here. Combo of no space, culture and climate, I guess? It gets very hot and humid in summer here (people think you’re exaggerating when you tell them how fast stuff grows), and while the winters aren’t that cold (from my point of view), the range in...
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    Mow your own lawn

    Yikes! Sorry to hear that. Pax/ Dean
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    Your Personal Tone

    Hi. Ah ha. Pax/ Dean
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    Your Personal Tone

    Hi. Thanks. And of course! It's TDPRI - the answer is always Testudinidae. :) Pax/ Dean
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    Jim Herrington - Photos of the Famous (including some we here love)

    Hiya. Just looking at and wondering about posting in the ‘Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition’ thread,* and I thought of Jim Herrington for some reason. Not sure what made the connection for me - his musician portraits I guess. Anyway, I quite like his work. Might be some faces in this...
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    Your Personal Tone

    Hi. Still can't figure out what @loopfinding linked to. Either an AC/DC album or a Norwegian metal band, it would seem? But, I'm digging that All News is Good News album - thanks. Yeah, probably. But people do seem to think they have 'their personal tone,' and try as I might to not let the...
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    Your Personal Tone

    Hi. Your clean tone is unavailable, apparently (I want to stick a smilie in here, but again my phone / the site / something resists - so, old school :-) ).* Pax/ Dean * edit: which manages to manifest as an actual emoji I now see
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    Your Personal Tone

    Hi. Sort of short, stumpy and chubby. Cos, tone is in the fingers, right? :-) Seriously though, just like the ‘resides in digits’ thing, I don’t believe in the concept of a ‘personal tone.’ It’s just the sound certain combinations of equipment make. Get the gear, make the tone. Anyone can...
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    You won’t believe what I said the other day…

    Hi. I don’t know, so I’ll speculate and pass it off as reasonable, and conveniently distance myself from my own statement at the same time. I suspect it really started as a reaction to grammarian protests against common typos / autocorrections. Whether those were fake or not alludes me...
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    New word Rant

    Hi. I quite like it when people tell me that something was awesome. Cos I then get to respond, “No, it wasn’t.” Pax/ Dean
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    Hi. Yeah, I sometimes call that ‘The Slightly Uncomfortable Truth.’ Pax/ Dean