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    I cannot start a conversation with you via the forum for some reason. so here goes..... I'll anticipate the questions you are likely to ask - but please fire back any relevant questions to me. Before I retired from work, I worked in an office that was very close to a residential care home. I...
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    I'll PM you this evening (UK time)
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    The care home gigs started off as playing the hits of The Shadows (Hank Marvin) to backing tracks. I figured that this material would appeal to the target age group - especially over here in the UK. I have since added a few older sing-along-numbers that go down well too.
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    It sounds like the OP is in the same position as I found myself about 6 years ago. I told the band I would honour all gigs that were already booked, but after that I was off. It turned out that the following week the Sax player did exactly the same thing! I'm now a hired gun for various Musical...
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    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Oliver Cromwell (English Civil War) lived here for 11 years from 1636 to 1647.
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    Headphone Cord Is Driving Me Crazy

    Just thread the headphone cord through something like this. You can thank me later.;)
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    Vox MV50 for direct to PA vs Iridium, ASC1 etc or something else?

    I found myself in the same position as the OP about 3 years ago. I ended up getting a Helix floor. After the initial few weeks of getting to know how to use and tweak it, I've never looked back. I've since sold my tube amp and all of my individual pedals. I appreciate that this set-up will not...
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    New Eagles

    I'm looking forward to seeing them in June of this year when they perform in London UK. As a bonus, Robert Plant, Alison Krauss and Little Big Town are on the same bill.
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    What's Your Current Rig?

    Here is a pic taken from one of my recent solo gigs. Fender MIM FSR Strat, Helix Floor, Bose S1 Pro speaker. I love travelling light these days!:)
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    Post A Sweet Rendition Of A Song You Sang In School

    I can recall at the age of 13 we had to learn this song to perform in a school concert. On the road to Mandalay.
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    Anyone using an "amp in a box" pedal into their USB interface for recording?

    My Helix floor is my main interface (via USB) for recording into Audacity these days. I've kept my Focusrite AI for the odd occasions that I need to record *vocals, but for Guitar/Bass/Acoustic/Keys it's the Helix all the way. * There is a local bye-law in force that restricts my singing to...
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    Fret Buzzing, New Player

    Does the fret buzz amplify or can it only be heard when you play unplugged?
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    A family gathering (not guitar related)

    With families being spread around the country these days it is very rare to get everybody together in one place at the same time. Add to that the recent problems caused by Covid and the matter is even more complicated. However, on Tuesday of this week we finally managed to get 4 generations of...
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    Show your matching pair which aren't exactly all that matching.

    .60mm on the left, .50mm on the right.
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    Let’s See What Gear Santa Brought You!

    I didn't get any new gear as the family knows that I have been trying to downsize a lot. However, I was very surprised to find out that my youngest son is going to take me to this concert next year. That'll do for me.:)

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