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    NG(s)D Strat and Tele

    Beautiful guitars. The Fender logo's do bother me bit, though.
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    NGD! Gretsch G6128T Players Edition Jet

    Beautiful !!! Don't forget to take the condom of the trem :p:lol:
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    NGD 2011 American Standard Tele Blizzard Pearl

    Very, very, very, very, .... nice !!
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    Attenuators for stupid people - I'm confused

    That's my attenuator to play my twin reverb at home. The only drawback, it's only a minor one, is I'm not the most popular neighbo(u)r :cool::lol::lol:
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    Your Pure Stock Electric Guitars. Bought New. Zero Alterations.

    If a necessary refretting doesn't count I have a 1974 Fender Stratocaster. I have a Music Man Silhouette that has zilch mods or repairs. I have a 1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard that has a new bridge and tuners out of bare necessity. I am sure that once I WILL learn to put up pics ... :);):)
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    Most Memorable TV/Radio Jingles

    All the carling black label ads are pristine, together with the Heineken ones and a few Whitbread's as well.
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    The last-letter/first-letter band/musician name game

    Ronnie Wood, and sorry if he has already been mentioned but I can't be bothered to read 3034 pages ;)🤩
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    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome, lad, nice guitars...
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    He shot me once but I shot him twice...
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    Best Acoustic Preamp (Not an Anthem)

    Do you use an Feedback Buster or whatever they're called? It resolved a hell of a lot of feedback issues on my acoustics, and I play the cheapest guitars with the ****tiest preamps in them.
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    NGD - American Standard Telecaster (Natural Ash)

    Didn't she win the 2013 Miss California pageant ??
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    She surely is a looker ...
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    Fender Noventa Telecaster Content

    So it's you who got the Micky Mouse Disneycaster :lol::lol::lol:
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    NGD: and she's Burgundy Mist

    Hello Misty Who,s a pretty guitar then, hey, hey
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    3 Metal Flake Teles

    STOP SHOWING GUITAR PORN, my kids are watching :lol::lol::lol: You aced it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!